Wisdom from my refrigerator.

Wisdom can be found in the most unusual of places.Like, for instance, my refrigerator.If, it was a living creature, it would probably be crying out loud protesting against all that I stuff into it.Just like how cleaning the house has to happen throughout one’s lifetime and is never a one time job, so is cleaning the refrigerator.

While the refrigerator is without a doubt, one of man’s best inventions, I believe each refrigerator has to come with a warning sign printed in block letters and in horrible colors saying ‘Out of sight does not mean out of kitchen.

I have a confession to make. I hate wasting food. OK, that’s not the confession part. The confession part is what comes next.So, every time we eat a meal, and tiny portion of some food is left over, I pack it well and push it into the refrigerator hoping that someday in the near future I may use it.Most of the time, I just think that I am going to use it for the next meal when my heart really knows I’m not.It would do me well if I just throw the tiny potion of the left over food into the garbage but still I just cannot do it.Gosh, does that make me a hoarder?

So when do I eventually use them? I don’t. They just sit in the refrigerator until the day that I run out of all tiny containers in my kitchen.Then starts my search for the containers which usually, are found inside my hoarding place,The refrigerator.(So, there you go, you know my darkest deepest secret now.)

So, what actually am I achieving in this? Well, catch this. Instead of feeling bad after every meal of tiny left overs, I just feel bad once in 3 days when I collectively throw them out.And those times too, I end up being glad cause I am united with all my tiny containers.I know I am kinda cheating myself, but hey! it works for me.

So the wisdom from my refrigerator? Just because I hide things and don’t see them anymore or I don’t think about them anymore does not mean they don’t exist.Reminds me of the lies we tell ourselves.

So what’s your deepest darkest secret?


6 thoughts on “Wisdom from my refrigerator.

  1. Don’t feel too bad…I do the same thing with leftovers. Just today, we threw away a small container of leftover guacamole that turned dark brown. It was only two days old, but I knew because of the darkened color, that I would not eat it.

    Dark secrets, huh? Do you really want to know? No you don’t.

    Well, okay. I buy veggies with good intentions but about half of what I buy rots before I use it. (I don’t know why, but I hate making salad.) Here’s another one: I often ‘mop’ the floor with Clorox wipes under my bare feet. Too hard to do proper mopping when the animals and kids are running all over the place 😉

    See, I tried to warn you. At least I keep a tidy blog…

    • ok Janna… your secret is darker than mine…but atleast you have kids and animals to blame it on… I have none 😦 Maybe I should get myself a dog 🙂

  2. I usually buy food items which appear healthy (as inferred from nutrients menu), I don’t care about taste (at that point). I have so many containers lying here, ultimately I throw them away (most of them I don’t like). Such a waste of money and food. I am trying to stop doing that!

    • Good luck to you on that Harish. I realized some time back that if I don’t buy most of the eatables I usually buy, I would be saving myself a whole lot of money .

  3. I do that too you know….I hate throwing out food so end up putting it in tiny containers and storing in the fridge. Unfortunately for me, I usually clean the fridge maybe once in 3 months or so. And guess what I find then! All kinds of exotic moulds in my sweet containers. If I were Alexander Fleming, I am sure I would have found a cure to some disease with all my mouldy dishes.

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