Jasper – Beyond my wildest dreams.

I am a dreamer. I dream about pretty butterflies and colorful flowers.I dream about future and and kids.I dream about my ideal job and life.I dream about singing and music.But, more than all these, I dream about nature.But what I saw on my trip last weekend was something beyond what I had ever dared to dream about.

Last weekend, I went to a place called Jasper.You can read about the city here. It was a small town with an amazing view of the mountains.Jasper is basically a land covered with lakes and rivers.I visited the maligne canyon and few lakes.We were a party of 25 and we took a trip through the train which traveled through the mountains giving us an amazing view of the wildlife, the rivers and the mountains.

So, without any further rambling, I give you JASPER……

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5 thoughts on “Jasper – Beyond my wildest dreams.

  1. im in love with this place!!! never knew canada had such amazinly beautiful places…i wanna c all these places whn i come thr 🙂
    angel keep going to every such place poss..brightens my day 🙂

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