When much becomes too much….

This seems to be my constant struggle. Identifying when much becomes too much.All of us have some much in our lives. For some it could be money, for some it could be time, for some it could be the desire to succeed and for some it could just be a hobby.Like me.But the truth is, all of us have a much in our lives.

I recently found a much in my life.And it was not pretty.It was out in the open for my heart to see it but somehow, the love for my much made me live in self-denial for quite a while.And in that while, my much grew on to be too much.So, I did what I had to so.Sat, prayed about it and deleted it.That’s right.I deleted it.(Is your mind thinking too much about what my much could have been? Forget it,I’ll never say.)

I’ve grown up knowing that anything other than God should never be my number one priority.But I understand that for the past couple of days, my much had been my number one priority. This realization actually comes as a big shocker to me cause I never imagined that such a trivial much  could become so important in my life.

This is not the first time that I have traveled this dark path.In fact, I had ridden this path quite a few times already.But the best part is, every time I find myself in the deep pit, God gives me  a lift right back to where I should have been.And that is what is called GRACE. Undeserving yet always abounding.Maybe that’s why it’s called Amazing Grace.

So, what’s your much? And have you experienced your dose of God’s grace today?


5 thoughts on “When much becomes too much….

  1. haha well if you’re not going to tell your *much*, then I won’t tell mine. 😉 actually, this was a really great post, Angel. I’ve grown up with the fact instilled in my brain that if anything is more important than God in anyway, it has become an idol and needs to be dealt with. Now, that easy to say, but when it actually comes down to it, it’s very difficult. I’ve experienced it several times…and it’s never easy. I’m glad you were able to get your *much* taken care of.

    I’ve missed your posts lately! 😉


  2. very true Angela….sometimes we go around in denial for too long…thankfully God always brings us back on track!…truly He is amazing!

  3. I really am curious about about what your “much” was, but it seems that will be yet another mystery that will remain unsolved in my mind 🙂 I’m glad your prayers were answered and God gave you strength to set the “much” aside!

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