The Lion Theory

There is an old comparison in Tamil (my native language) that men are like lions. Or rather, I’ve heard old grannies comparing little baby boys to lion cubs.Now, there is a reason why I said it as an old comparison.Cause no one uses it these days or even thinks of such things these days.Except for my husband and his pack of friends.Supposedly, the LIONS club.

I don’t remember how it all started, but some time back my husband started proclaiming that men are like lions. Sadly enough, his theory caught on and now almost all his friends declare themselves to be lions.Heck, they even tag themselves on pictures of lions.

So here is their theory.Its pretty fascinating, I should say.So, to fully understand the LION theory, read on.

Men are like lions. So what?

  • Lions hunt and bring food for the family. Inference? Men will work while women have to work in the kitchen. (This is in fact not a true lion fact but the Lions club members claim it to be.)
  • Lions eat almost anything in case of hunger.Inference? Men will eat anything if they are hungry. (This is in fact true in real life. With men as well as lions.)
  • Lions are considered the king of the jungle. Inference? Men are considered to be the ruler of the house.(The important word here is CONSIDERED.To all the women out there, lets just let the men think that they are the king.Trust me, you can get a lot of peace if you just let them think they rule . 🙂 )
  • The lion protects the pride. Inference? Men protect the family.(OK, I can live with this one.)
  • Lions roar.Inference? When men talk,its actually a roar.

So, here you go.I am pretty much sure that you have a clear idea about the Lions theory now.Fascinating isn’t it?The following is a brief conversation that took place some time back in one of our friend’s house.

Mr X   :   Mrs.X,I want some water.
Mrs X :   Why should I get it for you Mr.X?
Mr.X   :   I am SINGAM. (singam is the tamil word for a Lion)

According to the lion’s club members, ‘I am a Lion’ is all the explanation needed for the wife to do what the husband wants.I am definitely not going to tell you what Mrs.X actually gave Mr.X following this conversation.You can very well imagine that.

Before any one gets the impression that my hubby and his friends are hard core old fashioned MCPs (Male chauvinist Pigs) , I must tell you that they are, quite in fact the total opposite of what they claim to be.For the wives of the members of the Lion’s club, this works perfectly well for us.. So, we just let them play pretend that they have never seen the kitchen in the house. 🙂


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10 thoughts on “The Lion Theory

    • Thanks Ava… Yup I am doing well… Kinda disappeared for some time from the blog world.. 🙂 Hope you’r doing good too… Have to catch up on your blog..

  1. It’s good to see that your hubby has a healthy imagination. You and your friends are good sports for playing along with it. So glad to hear he’s not a MCP!

    My hubby can pretend he’s a lion…I can pretend I’m a fairy tale princess 😉

  2. People Just say things you want to hear.. All the ones mentioned above, You want the truth ? It was a very boring post .. an attempt to be good at something. Boring and Naive! Yawn

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