My crazy learning for the day.

A wise man once said, ‘You learn something every day if you pay attention.’. And this wise girl now says, ‘Right on, Mister’.

I would say that today has been a very eventful day for my brain.Cause it learnt/realized and re-learnt/remembered a lot of things today.Facts like,

  • You can throw in more garbage if only the garbage bin was a little bigger.
  • The more you sleep, the more sleepier you feel.
  • Firedrills are no fun.Especially if you live in the 22nd floor.(I used to get excited about Firedrills while at work cause it meant a half hour break but then again, I was working in the ground floor then.)
  • Tomatoes are expensive. I mean like really expensive.And here I was using them like crazy last week.I bought tomatoes paying the price of a Diary milk silk (in India) for one tomato.I guess that means no tomato based dish at my house for the next couple of days.
  • Preparing a resume is hard.Especially when you’ve had three different kind of jobs in the last 3 years.
  • Placing a chappati (an Indian dish) on the stove and watching an Angry Bird ad on laptop is not to be done at the same time.If done, brace yourself for a burnt and black chapati.(Sorry, no pictures this time.)

I guess what I am trying to say is, one can never stop learning.I bet you can try but I don’t think that you can succeed.The thing about learning is that, it is never just about technology, books and school. Anytime your brain realizes for the first time or remembers an already learnt fact, I call it a learning.Anything that makes y0u a even a little bit more wiser is a learning.

The one good thing about being a fool is that, you can never BE a fool.The moment you realize that something you did was foolish, you are no longer a fool. Cause when you are a fool, you will  never realize you are being foolish.You could have been a fool in the past, but you can never be a fool in the present.Even after realizing that you were a fool, and you continue to be the same, then you cannot be called a fool. You have to be named something else.(If someday, this theory catches on, then please do not forget to mention my name as the theory owner. )

So, whats your crazy learning for today?

On a completely unrelated note, wanted to leave you with a smile to get you through your monday blues.

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6 thoughts on “My crazy learning for the day.

  1. I’ve noticed whenever I learn something new, it seems to come up over and over again throughout the next few days. Just to cement it in my memory. I find it comical – or maybe it’s jus that I’m more aware of it. IDK. Either way, I know I love learning!! Thanks for the great post.
    Oh, I wanted to meniton to you – I’ve noted your name with thanks for all your all in the acknowledments of my book. Is this okay? Will you ask your friend who helped me if its okay for her to have her name in it as well? You’re the best, Angel!


  2. On this Monday, I learned many things:

    1) Do not trust washer repair men
    2) Children act like they listen, but they don’t
    3) When you can’t think of a blog post, procrastinate by reading others’ posts
    4) Wake up and go to work at your own risk

    That should do it 🙂

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