Me, a priest? Ain’t I the good samaritan?

I cannot seem to forget an incident that happened a few weeks back. For reasons that I do not know, I kept thinking about it frequently until today, when I finally realized something out of it. So, here goes.

I was on my way to church one Sunday and well,..actually I was a bit late. So I was in a bit of a hurry. On my way, I noticed a man loading what seemed like carton of boxes (seemingly not very heavy) onto a cart. Just as I was quite near him, it toppled and fell.So, he started reloading the boxes.I din’t skip a beat and continued my way to church.

That’s it. This is the incident that I couldn’t seem to get out of my head.And today all of a sudden, I remembered the good Samaritan story that Jesus said in the Bible and I, seemed to fit right in.For those of you who may not know the story, here it is.

The Good Samaritan Story

There was a man on a journey.On the way, couple of thieves caught hold of up, beat him up, took all his belongings and left him to die by the roadside. A priest passed that way and so did a Levite (a holy person appointed by God). Both of them saw the dying man but passed by refusing to help.A samaritan (a socially low-caste person) came by and helped this dying man.

I’ve heard this story a lot of times since I was small and every time I heard it, I resolved in my heart to be the good Samariton. All the time. But it never occurred to me that maybe I was already the priest or the Levite.Cause, here I was, on my way to church and helping someone on the road, din’t even occur to me.After all, I am sure God would be more attentive to whether I helped someone compared to whether I was on church in time.

Agreed that this was not a life threatening situation but it could have been a life changing situation.Just maybe. Now, I’ll never know.

My friends tell me that I think too much at times and that we can’t always help everybody we come across.But I think that maybe this is the reason that this world is so screwed up right now. Cause we believe in a lie that maybe we can’t help everybody who comes our way.I know it is a lie cause I’ve seen my dad.He is one person who has never, ever said no to someone who needed help.Even if they din’t ask for it.(Happy Father’s day, dad. 🙂 )

so, here’s to me, trying to be a good Samaritan. Anybody with me?


8 thoughts on “Me, a priest? Ain’t I the good samaritan?

  1. It’s a good story and I am with you.
    It’s true what your friends say, we do think too much sometimes, but then shouldn’t we? We all know how comfortable we get with any thing after starting it, then why let ourselves start ignoring!
    The guilt passes soon, and after it all seems natural, may be thinking it over is the only solution.

  2. With you Angela :)) … its good to think deeply and seriously about stuff, cause it shows that you care… and yes, put that thinking to action too … here’s to more good samaritans!

  3. Maybe we can’t help everyone, but the world would be a kinder place if we gave it a shot 🙂 Helping others also helps us feel good, so I say we go for it. Here’s to samaritans!

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