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Which cook type are you?

All my life, I’ve been eating.Eating what some one else prepared. While, I always appreciated the food I ate,I never spared a thought to the cook behind all the food I was eating. But all that changed once I got married.Now, I have to eat what I prepare and somehow, I’m not loving it.

Being a ‘vella vetti illatha‘ person, I think a lot. And during the course of one of my thinking sessions, I realized that there are many a type of cooks in this world. Of course, I will not spare you the details of my thought. But, before I go into that, let me introduce my readers to the famous Tamil (an Indian language) phrase that I mentioned before . Vella vetti illatha means no job or work.To know how it is pronounced, go to Google translate and type ‘vaela vetti illatha’ and chose ‘from’ language as Tamil and click on the ‘Listen’ button or press the ‘read phonetically’ button. And listen.It’s pretty close to the real pronunciation.

So, back to where we were. The different kind of cooks.

  1. Type 1- The new cook : Full of enthusiasm for cooking. Want to try out various dishes. But is a little apprehensive of the outcome.Significant action is the ignorance to the amount of salt to be added in the dish.
  2. Type 2- The still self claimed ‘New’ cook: Not at all happy about cooking. Even after a year and a half, will still think that he/she is a new cook and can hence be excused from the quality of the dish.By a stroke of luck, sometimes dishes turn out good. Focus is more on ways and means to balance the ‘too much’ salt or spice in the dish.
  3. Type 3- The bad cook : Technically no one falls in this category though every type 2 cook thinks he/she is a type 3. Almost all dishes suck big time.
  4. Type 4- The good cook: Happens with experience over a period of years.Can guarantee the outcome of the dish.Every Type 2 cook’s dream.
  5. Type 5- The extraordinarily born genius cook : Every type 2 cook’s envy.And the cause of my despair at times.All my friends seem to be in this category. I have a friend who is a vegetarian but she cooks amazing non-vegetarian dishes. How, you ask? I seriously don’t know.Like I said, born genius. (Now, this is the part where you (the reader), scroll down and leave a comment saying something that goes like ‘ It ok…. No one likes their own cooking…..I am sure you are an amazing cook…,etc.Basically anything that would make me feel better.)
So, which type are you?
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Raining in Google??

I’ve always been inspired to write at the weirdest of hours.Like for instance, my painter was written in the midst of a very crowded Indian bus on the way to work in the morning hours.Many of my articles have been written in the darkness, deep into the night.So, I’m not really surprised that I am writing this at (what I consider) way too early in the morning, Read on.

Hubby and I were talking last night about the thunders storm warning that have been issued in Alberta.And I think,the following conversation is a result and a continuation of our conversation last night.

Hubby : Is it raining?Can you see? (I should have probably used my brain to think why hubby wanted me to see if it is raining in the middle of his sleep)

(Struggling to open my eyes, I take the laptop and try to unlock it)I can’t unlock the system.I can’t see properly.(I am still way too sleepy at this point to really think anything) .(Making a mental note to self)’Come on, you have to open your eyes, You need to see whats on the computer. Hubby needs to know. You need to know’. (I should have also remembered at this point, that Google is not always the solution to questions )With great difficulty and awesome passion, I finally unlocked my laptop and then…..then WHAT?? (I have no idea why I switched on the laptop to see if it was raining.Heck, I don’t know why hubby wants to know if it is raining in the middle of the night(well… not exactly middle of the night).So, I turn to hubby to ask him why he needs to know if it is raining and behold, he is SLEEPING like a baby.

Seriously, all this was just sleep talking??? so, I decide to go back to sleep, only now, I am way too awake and my tummy decides to growl.I cannot sleep now.So, I pour myself a glass of milk and I write this post.

Hubby darling, if you are reading this post and I am sleeping, it means I finally managed to fall asleep again.Can you do me a favor and fix your own break fast?  🙂 🙂 🙂 .(Now, this ought to wake him up 🙂 )

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Horses, more horses and then..some more horses.

Howdy People!I realize my blog is becoming more and more like a travel blog or a picture blog, but I hope you are being entertained by my posts.I have been doing quite a bit of travelling lately and the things I see are too good to miss letting you guys know about it.Tomorrow hubby and I are going boating 🙂 . Us doing all these activities, comes as a surprise to even us, cause neither me nor hubby are outdoor people.But, hey! make hay while the sunshine.Umm.. I mean it quite literally cause in Calgary, the sun shines only or 4 months is a, HEEEEE HAWWWWWW!!!!(This gal is going country today 🙂 )

Calgary hosts a 10 day event every year called the Calgary Stampede.It’s a celebration of the wild west.There are gonna be a lot of events happening in the city for the next 10 days including rodeo stuff,  derby etc etc. I can’t give you the full details yet cause I have no idea what all this means.We’ve got tickets for a couple of events.. Will keep you guys updated with pictures, so you feel like you are a part of Calgary Stampede 2011. YAAAHOOOO! (That’s pretty much what I have been screaming since morning.)

You can check out the official website of the Stampede here. Go ahead, check it out to really know what I am talking about.And oh, oh oh… Did I mention that the royal couple William and Kate were also here. I caught a glimpse of Kate waving from inside the car but they passed even before my brain could process what my eyes saw. So, forget about pictures of the royal couple in my post.

Us camping out...

To kick off the Stampede, there was a parade this morning. 2 hours before the parade could start, me and couple of my friends camped on the roadside. It was fun. Of all the days, today saw the temperature drop to somewhere around 10-15 (my guess) cause it was soooooooo cold and very very very windy.The Stampede is all about horses and cowboy/cowgirl. So we saw a lot of horses. Beautiful, beautiful horses. So huge and magnificient.Lately, I’ve been watching a serial called Heartland which  is all about horses and guess what? I am in love with horses.

Since, today was very windy, there were hats flying everywhere.All the performers wore hats and it was funny to watch them running after the hats in the middle of their performance. The wind actually played spoil sport today.There were a couple of girls performing with guns. You know, throwing the guns in the air and catching them and swirling them and so on.Once, all of them in unison threw the guns in the air and there was a gush of wind and all guns dropped to the ground.Oh, I don’t even want to imagine how it was for the performers on stills. Couple of times, the horses kind of dashed against each other because of the wind.

Overall, it was so much fun today and I saw a lot of horses. Felt like I was in a dreamland of horses.So, here are today’s pictures for you to enjoy..

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Niagara- As seen from my eyes….

Just back from my trip to Toronto, Canada and my mind is fresh with with many breath-taking scenes and sights.So, this is me, trying to make you see what I saw.

Toronto, Ontorio

Toronto as a city, reminded me so much of India.Lots of Indian restaurants (my hubby was one happy guy there :)),lots of Asians and amazing places to visit. The city is quite a bit of a tourist hub and can get really crowded on weekends.Navigating is a lot easier with a GPS. After spending 3 days in the city, I’ve kinda realized that people there are not very honest. Could be just that it is a tourist spot and hence it is easy to take people for a ride or maybe it was just our experiance but I think you need to watch out for yourself.(Hey! Sorry to offend Toronto guys out there).Quite a big city surrounded by water on every side.Looks beautiful.

Niagara Falls

Niagara is an hour’s journey away from the downtown , Toronto. But on crowded days, the journey can take up to 3 hours. So be warned. But, what ever be the crowd, Niagara is well worth the countless hours of traffic on the road.You can read all about it and see for yourself here.Niagara is on the Canadian-US border. The falls itself is on the US side but Canada definitely boasts of a better view and experience of the falls.

The falls is the US side and I am standing on the Canadian side

Niagara itself has two main falls. The smaller one called the Bridal Veil and the huge one called the Horse shoe Falls. Bridal veil actually is huge but smaller compared to the Horse shoe falls.The falls reminded me so much of the power that water has.Reminded me of how small I was compared to this huge natural fall.Reminded me of how creative God must be. The whole time we were there, we could see the rainbow over the HorseShoe falls and I couldn’t help but think, that God was displaying his creation at his best just for me to see.

The Bigger Horshoe Falls
The Bridal Veil... More rocky than the other

Couple of must do things at the Niagara are the Maid of the Mist ride and the Journey behind the falls walk.Maid of the mist is a boat ride that takes you right up to the foot of the falls so you an actually feel the height and the force of the falls. Journey behind the falls is a walk through a tunnel that takes your right up to the falls midway.You can hear the water gushing all around you. An amazing experience I say.Maid of the mist is available on both canadian and US side but the journey behind the falls is available in the canadian side.

Maid of the mist boat ride that takes us right to the falls.
Journey behind the falls walk that takes us right besides the Horse shoe Falls.

I must warn you about the various tours being offered around Niagara. Beware of information centers. As usual, Arun and I stepped into an information center first and we were told that everything around the city is very expensive. We were told that every place that we wanted to visit were far off and that each included a parking fee of 30 dollars etc etc. And for an amount of 100 dollars per person, they would take us on  a tour. Since it was very crowded that day, we almost took it up. But thankfully, the moment we stepped out on our own, we realized what a bunch of liars they were. We ended up paying 10 dollars for parking the whole day and almost every place was walk-able.See what I mean by people were not quite honest there?

Niagara is too good an opportunity to miss and I am glad that I had a chance to see this magnificent scenic beauty. So, I present to you, THE NIAGARA…

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Some things never fade away….

I have lost quite a few people in my life to sickness and old age and I am quite able to accept it. But I lost a friend of mine to murder and her memory has never faded away. This happened 7 years ago and somehow last night was one of those nights when I lay awake thinking about her.

She and I studied together in all of middle school and high school. I don’t remember primary school but I think we must have gone to the same school. We’ve had our fights and we have had our laughs. We were never been the best of buddies but I think we were friends. I have pictures of us next to each other in the school tour in our last school year.A year after that, I read in the newspaper that she had died.It came as a big shocker to me.

During school days, I remember her having a boyfriend. A year after that, the papers reported that her boyfriend had killed her. I don’t know why or how or even if it was the same guy.But she was dead.

She was smart and beautiful.Don’t know why, but I always thought she was bold. She had a promising life in front of her. Everything was ruined because of the one decision she made.To love the wrong guy.

Life is too precious to end it in a moment. Be it taking your own life or taking someone else’s life, it is the most foolish decision that one can ever take.Just like the sun sets and arises the next day, your life will turn around. Every day is a new day. Every day is an opportunity to start things anew.Everyday is a chance to love again. Every new day is God’s way of telling you, that He cares and loves you enough to let you start all over again.

Don’t waste your life. There is always a second chance.ALWAYS.

Rest in peace, my friend.You are missed.

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Planning a trip?? Take note…

I am just back from a trip that we have been planing for close to 3 months and we learnt a lot about planning trips in this trip.Hence this post.

Things to consider.

  1. If you are planning a trip to a well known tourist spot on a long weekend, stop right there.DON”T plan further.We were in Toronto on Canada day weekend and so was rest of the world.Our plan was to visit at least close to 8 places on 3 days but we ended up visiting just 3 places. More than the time we spent enjoying the sights we spent time waiting in line to get to places. Our journey to the Niagara was supposedly an hour and 15 minutes ride. But it took us 4 hours just to get there and 3 hrs to get back.Such was the crowd.Entry to the CN tower took us 2 hours of wait in the line.Not fun I say.
  2. If you are planning on driving around yourself in a new place, GPS is a life saver.A print out of Google maps are not quite enough. Once highways are jammed, you will be diverted into some exits and you are lost.Then comes GPS to the rescue. We were so glad that we rented out one.
  3. You might want to consider staying at a not so star hotel. Atleast, they provide you with a free parking space. Star hotels charge you for everything.Except breathing.
  4. If you badly want a get away on a long weekend, then try a resort or something like that. Dot not plan popular sight seeing places.There are just people everywhere.
Just to give you an idea of the crowd that I am taking about, let me share a few pics with you…
On the way to Niagara
Crowded Niagara