Planning a trip?? Take note…

I am just back from a trip that we have been planing for close to 3 months and we learnt a lot about planning trips in this trip.Hence this post.

Things to consider.

  1. If you are planning a trip to a well known tourist spot on a long weekend, stop right there.DON”T plan further.We were in Toronto on Canada day weekend and so was rest of the world.Our plan was to visit at least close to 8 places on 3 days but we ended up visiting just 3 places. More than the time we spent enjoying the sights we spent time waiting in line to get to places. Our journey to the Niagara was supposedly an hour and 15 minutes ride. But it took us 4 hours just to get there and 3 hrs to get back.Such was the crowd.Entry to the CN tower took us 2 hours of wait in the line.Not fun I say.
  2. If you are planning on driving around yourself in a new place, GPS is a life saver.A print out of Google maps are not quite enough. Once highways are jammed, you will be diverted into some exits and you are lost.Then comes GPS to the rescue. We were so glad that we rented out one.
  3. You might want to consider staying at a not so star hotel. Atleast, they provide you with a free parking space. Star hotels charge you for everything.Except breathing.
  4. If you badly want a get away on a long weekend, then try a resort or something like that. Dot not plan popular sight seeing places.There are just people everywhere.
Just to give you an idea of the crowd that I am taking about, let me share a few pics with you…

On the way to Niagara

Crowded Niagara

9 thoughts on “Planning a trip?? Take note…

  1. All great points, Dorcas. I’m sorry everyone else had the great idea of taking the same trip you did.

    This is exactly why we didn’t go anywhere for 4th of July (big holiday in the States, and an excuse for people to get drunk and set off fireworks – not a good combo, by the way.)

    I chuckled at your hotel comment – I hope they don’t read this or they might decide to charge for air!

    I hope you get to go back sometime and pick up the 5 places you missed on this trip.

    • O yea.. I remember bangalore too.. Once it took 3 hrs to get from Electronic city to koramangala… its a 14 kms ride… 🙂 But what will the poor roads do is we keep multiplying exponentially ?? 🙂

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