Some things never fade away….

I have lost quite a few people in my life to sickness and old age and I am quite able to accept it. But I lost a friend of mine to murder and her memory has never faded away. This happened 7 years ago and somehow last night was one of those nights when I lay awake thinking about her.

She and I studied together in all of middle school and high school. I don’t remember primary school but I think we must have gone to the same school. We’ve had our fights and we have had our laughs. We were never been the best of buddies but I think we were friends. I have pictures of us next to each other in the school tour in our last school year.A year after that, I read in the newspaper that she had died.It came as a big shocker to me.

During school days, I remember her having a boyfriend. A year after that, the papers reported that her boyfriend had killed her. I don’t know why or how or even if it was the same guy.But she was dead.

She was smart and beautiful.Don’t know why, but I always thought she was bold. She had a promising life in front of her. Everything was ruined because of the one decision she made.To love the wrong guy.

Life is too precious to end it in a moment. Be it taking your own life or taking someone else’s life, it is the most foolish decision that one can ever take.Just like the sun sets and arises the next day, your life will turn around. Every day is a new day. Every day is an opportunity to start things anew.Everyday is a chance to love again. Every new day is God’s way of telling you, that He cares and loves you enough to let you start all over again.

Don’t waste your life. There is always a second chance.ALWAYS.

Rest in peace, my friend.You are missed.


5 thoughts on “Some things never fade away….

  1. I have also known several people in my youth that have died too soon. The first one I remember was when I was in fifth grade. They do still cross my mind at times, too. Maybe that was part of their purpose in life, I don’t know.

    It sounds like your friend did have a lasting impact on you, too. If it weren’t for her tragedy, maybe you wouldn’t have such an appreciation for the gift of life. You are right – life is precious.

  2. I love this ode to your friend. When you lose a loved one, it makes you think about how you are living your own life and how precious it really is. My grandmother passed away some time ago with many unfulfilled dreams. I told myself that day that would never be me. Now I go after everything I want, with patience and wisdom. I do not want to waste a day not experiencing the goodness life has to offer. Thank you for the extra encouragement!

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