Horses, more horses and then..some more horses.

Howdy People!I realize my blog is becoming more and more like a travel blog or a picture blog, but I hope you are being entertained by my posts.I have been doing quite a bit of travelling lately and the things I see are too good to miss letting you guys know about it.Tomorrow hubby and I are going boating 🙂 . Us doing all these activities, comes as a surprise to even us, cause neither me nor hubby are outdoor people.But, hey! make hay while the sunshine.Umm.. I mean it quite literally cause in Calgary, the sun shines only or 4 months is a, HEEEEE HAWWWWWW!!!!(This gal is going country today 🙂 )

Calgary hosts a 10 day event every year called the Calgary Stampede.It’s a celebration of the wild west.There are gonna be a lot of events happening in the city for the next 10 days including rodeo stuff,  derby etc etc. I can’t give you the full details yet cause I have no idea what all this means.We’ve got tickets for a couple of events.. Will keep you guys updated with pictures, so you feel like you are a part of Calgary Stampede 2011. YAAAHOOOO! (That’s pretty much what I have been screaming since morning.)

You can check out the official website of the Stampede here. Go ahead, check it out to really know what I am talking about.And oh, oh oh… Did I mention that the royal couple William and Kate were also here. I caught a glimpse of Kate waving from inside the car but they passed even before my brain could process what my eyes saw. So, forget about pictures of the royal couple in my post.

Us camping out...

To kick off the Stampede, there was a parade this morning. 2 hours before the parade could start, me and couple of my friends camped on the roadside. It was fun. Of all the days, today saw the temperature drop to somewhere around 10-15 (my guess) cause it was soooooooo cold and very very very windy.The Stampede is all about horses and cowboy/cowgirl. So we saw a lot of horses. Beautiful, beautiful horses. So huge and magnificient.Lately, I’ve been watching a serial called Heartland which  is all about horses and guess what? I am in love with horses.

Since, today was very windy, there were hats flying everywhere.All the performers wore hats and it was funny to watch them running after the hats in the middle of their performance. The wind actually played spoil sport today.There were a couple of girls performing with guns. You know, throwing the guns in the air and catching them and swirling them and so on.Once, all of them in unison threw the guns in the air and there was a gush of wind and all guns dropped to the ground.Oh, I don’t even want to imagine how it was for the performers on stills. Couple of times, the horses kind of dashed against each other because of the wind.

Overall, it was so much fun today and I saw a lot of horses. Felt like I was in a dreamland of horses.So, here are today’s pictures for you to enjoy..

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