Which cook type are you?

All my life, I’ve been eating.Eating what some one else prepared. While, I always appreciated the food I ate,I never spared a thought to the cook behind all the food I was eating. But all that changed once I got married.Now, I have to eat what I prepare and somehow, I’m not loving it.

Being a ‘vella vetti illatha‘ person, I think a lot. And during the course of one of my thinking sessions, I realized that there are many a type of cooks in this world. Of course, I will not spare you the details of my thought. But, before I go into that, let me introduce my readers to the famous Tamil (an Indian language) phrase that I mentioned before . Vella vetti illatha means no job or work.To know how it is pronounced, go to Google translate and type ‘vaela vetti illatha’ and chose ‘from’ language as Tamil and click on the ‘Listen’ button or press the ‘read phonetically’ button. And listen.It’s pretty close to the real pronunciation.

So, back to where we were. The different kind of cooks.

  1. Type 1- The new cook : Full of enthusiasm for cooking. Want to try out various dishes. But is a little apprehensive of the outcome.Significant action is the ignorance to the amount of salt to be added in the dish.
  2. Type 2- The still self claimed ‘New’ cook: Not at all happy about cooking. Even after a year and a half, will still think that he/she is a new cook and can hence be excused from the quality of the dish.By a stroke of luck, sometimes dishes turn out good. Focus is more on ways and means to balance the ‘too much’ salt or spice in the dish.
  3. Type 3- The bad cook : Technically no one falls in this category though every type 2 cook thinks he/she is a type 3. Almost all dishes suck big time.
  4. Type 4- The good cook: Happens with experience over a period of years.Can guarantee the outcome of the dish.Every Type 2 cook’s dream.
  5. Type 5- The extraordinarily born genius cook : Every type 2 cook’s envy.And the cause of my despair at times.All my friends seem to be in this category. I have a friend who is a vegetarian but she cooks amazing non-vegetarian dishes. How, you ask? I seriously don’t know.Like I said, born genius. (Now, this is the part where you (the reader), scroll down and leave a comment saying something that goes like ‘ It ok…. No one likes their own cooking…..I am sure you are an amazing cook…,etc.Basically anything that would make me feel better.)
So, which type are you?

10 thoughts on “Which cook type are you?

  1. Dinner tastes better when someone else makes it. It’s true.

    I’d say that most of the time, I’m a 4. Not a genius cook by any means, but hubby’s gained enough weight during our marriage to tell me that I’m doing okay 🙂

  2. LOL…don’t worry Angela!! We are all in the same sinking boat 😛 …and truly, don’t worry it will get better with time…but unfortunately with that “betterness” comes a sense of impatience at having to cook in the first place!! So then you end up working out ways and means of getting out of cooking…serving the never-ending left-overs…ordering out…or inviting yourselves out to other folks’ for a meal!! 😀 Welcome to the club!

  3. Oh, I am definitely the genius cook… 😛 Seriously though, I love to cook. It’s a passion. An art. A way to express creativity. All while providing nutrition for those I love. There has only been one thing I’ve ever made that was so bad that we couldn’t bring ourselves to eat it (pumpkin soup a couple of years ago – long story). Other than that incident, though, all the food has been pretty tasty! 😀

  4. I’m a 1-2-5 combo! 😀
    I don’t believe I’m 3. 😈 ( Pssst… Here’s a secret… While cooking, I think I’m 3, and the dishes always come out super yummy… I swear on today’s delicious fish curry in coconut milk )
    4: Gotta wait and see 😉

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