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CMB series: Men and Women DO NOT think alike.

Anybody married, will outright agree with me on this statement. Men and Women do not think alike. I can go a little further and say, After marriage, men will totally stop thinking about certain things. If you are a wife and you do not agree with me, your man must be the ‘one black sheep’. But I bet ya, you will be on my side sooner or later.

Gone are the days, men think of ways and means to impress you. Gone are the days, men think of doing things for you. I’ve got a bunch of young wives for my friends and every time we talk, we all agree on the things we say. It’s pretty much like, men are the same universally. They think food magically appears on the table, dishes wash themselves, the house cleans itself and that they are lions. Of course, the last one is pretty much applicable to all of my hubby’s friends.(NO guys, this does not mean I accept you are all lions. It is far from that.)

After dinner, if there are a lot of dishes to be washed, hubby always feels bad for me and comes close to my side and sweetly says ,’You can do it tomorrow’. Oh yea, you heard it right. It’s not  ‘I’ll help you’, or ‘Let me do some dishes’ but ‘You can do it tomorrow morning.’ . I always found this little hilarious. But what I found out was that my hubby was not the only one who says this. The other ‘lions’ say the same to their wives.

At times, I have spent sleepless hours obsessing over words I have said to hubby, thinking that perhaps he had misunderstood what I meant. But hubby would happily sleep through the night. And the next morning, hubby will have no recollection of what I had said. See what I mean by men don’t think?. I found quite a number of wives who agreed with me on this. The truth is, I guess, we women think a lot. And we think a lot between the lines.So wives, take note. The next time you are worried over something you said to your hubby,fear not. Chances that your hubby did hear it, are really slim. Chances that he got offended, is like one in a  million.

While women like to mean what they say, men like to nod to what women say. I read somewhere that men nod because they agree, but because it is much easier to nod than listen to what women say and give an intelligent reply. An example conversation that we had recently went like this.

Me : Sh, blah blah…

hubby : hmmm…

Me : seems  blah blah blah

hubby : hmmm….

me : blah blah

hubby : hmmm….



hubby : What shall we do?

I was telling hubby about things that were totally not related to us and all of a sudden hubby let in this intelligent question.  And he was busted. This happens more than often at our house. I am sure that lot of women can vouch for the validity of this scenario. But what I doubt is that,any man can say the same of the wife. When women listen, they listen. They might forget later on, but at least women sincerely listen.

I’ve been accused in the past of being biased in my series towards women and rightly so too. I only talk for my kind. I have been threatened in the past that ‘lions’ will counter attack this series in their own blog, but that day remains to be seen. Like I said, only women mean what they say 🙂 🙂

Disclaimer :

  • All stories/characters featured in my CMB series are not fictional and always resemble a real person mostly alive and is entirely intentional.
  • I write based on the inputs received from friends around me.So…. RESULTS MAY VARY from your perception/ idea.
And a big hug to my hubby for being so sportive about these series. 🙂
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I, Me and Myself.

When looking at group pictures that include me, my eye always goes to my picture first. I check my dress, I check to see if I look nice, I check to see if I look fat etc. Only when I am completely satisfied about my appearance in the picture, do my eyes scan the others in the picture. This is my regular habit and I am not worried about me being self-centered with this habit cause almost everyone I know , does the same.

But what I did not know, was that, this habit does not limit itself to just pictures.Let me explain what happened. A blog friend of mine is doing a series of interviews with her blog buddies and featuring them on her blog. And mine was one. You can catch my interview here. At the end of the interview, were few kind lines that my friend had put in about me. I was excited when I read that. I was touched that I had been an inspiration to her, etc etc. I even wanted to write in telling her how much I appreciated her words 🙂 . But I did not yet.

Today, another interview was posted and to my shock, the same lines were there for the other person also.I quickly browsed through the other interviews(that I have already read before) and found the same lines for everyone..(Busted E.C 🙂 🙂 ). I was quite embarrassed at myself and really glad that I hadn’t mailed that thanking mail to her.(Maybe, procrastination isn’t all that bad 🙂 ). Anyway, the more I thought about it, the more I realized, how much attention I pay to the things that concern me.

I, Me and Myself… Is this everybody’s nightmare?

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You could be dead the next moment.

I witnessed a crash scene today from my house balcony.Thankfully, no one was hurt.

A car crashed into the sidewalk right opposite to my house. It was God’s grace that no one was there at the time of the incident.Cause, judging by the tire marks on the road, the car must have been in a good speed. I heard the sound of the crash and went immediately to my balcony.Saw few people on the road on their cell phones. I assumed they were calling 911.

It was amazing how the police, ambulance ,etc were at the scene in less than 2 minutes. The sound of siren is something that we constantly hear for we live in the downtown area. I remember, in the beginning of summer, the first few days after we started sleeping with the windows open, I would hardly sleep at nights as the sound of the siren blasting every now and then, used to keep waking me up. But now, it’s part of our lives. After witnessing this crash, I won’t complain anymore.

The whole scene was cleared in 45 mins with the car being towed away, few wires that were pulled off by the crash were taken care of and the yellow ‘do not cross’  tape was removed and everything was back to normal.

I took some pictures (as usual) . Later, as I was going through them, I realized, that anybody who could have been standing at the sidewalk at that moment would have died. If not, at least had a near death experience. And this is a side walk that I walk on, pretty often. It is right in front of my apartment where most of my friends live. And somehow, that thought sent a shiver down my spine.I thank God for making sure nobody was standing there at that moment.

Isn’t this life? Unexpected things happen in the blink of an eye.You can never be sure that you will wake up tomorrow morning. The wind can kill you. The rain can kill you. The earth can kill you.Anything can kill you. But the question is, are you ready? Are you ready with your answer to questions like ‘what will happen after I die?, where will I go after I die?, What if, God was true?.  Are you ready to meet Him?’ .

From where I come from, thinking or talking about death is considered bad luck. I don’t believe it to be. Cause, if it were true, I would have died a million times already 🙂 . But the thought here is, ARE YOU READY FOR THE INEVITABLE?

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Why do I write???

As a blogger, I constantly question myself on,’Why do I write?. What do I get out of writing?. Do I waste my time writing about random things which someone may or may not read someday?’ And every time I ask this question to myself, I land with the same answer.. And that is, ‘I write cause I want to write.Period.’

Every one has a way of letting out steam.Letting out the feelings of the heart.Some may do it in silence, some in tears, some in a smile and still some, in a painting. I choose writing. Writing to me is directly connected to my heart. What my heart feels, my hands want to write.

There have been times when my day has been nothing short of completely awful.Times when my day turned out perfectly as planned and  times when I have been overwhelmed with joy.And in all those times, I only find myself wishing that I could pen it down. For as long as I remember, every time I’ve been upset with someone or something, I’ve always taken a piece of paper and written down what I felt.And it has always made me feel better.Like now.

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An eventful Coffee!!

Once a milk hater, now an ‘early morning cup of coffee’  lover. That’s me!

How did I become one? Simple. Before wedding, someone else always made breakfast. Be it mom, or the cook at the various hostels I stayed, someone else made my breakfast. So, all I had to do was get ready and have a steamy hot breakfast but post wedding, I have to make my own breakfast. 😦 (The sad smiley at this point is really appropriate.) And to do that, I need to wake up. And coffee helps me do just that.And over the period of months, I’ve began to love it.

That’s where my story starts.I woke up today morning with the same love for coffee. Forcing myself out of bed, I made myself a cup of coffee.I was quite sad that my coffee powder was getting over.(It was my favourite brand of coffee and an Indian one too. So where we stay, we don’t quite get it regularly.I’ve been on the lookout for that brand in the last two shopping trips I went but rather unsuccesfully.) So you see, I had to savor the final cups of this brand.

I took a sip of the coffee and it tasted quite exceptional today.Just the way I like it.Ah!! Bliss. I logged onto facebook, took another sip and placed the cup on the table.And !!@#$%^&* there’s coffee everywhere. On the table, on the papers, on the couch, on the book that I was reading last night and ON THE CARPET.(Not again!!!). I quickly brought in my personal commando (hubby) and did some damage control. But the damage on the carpet was done.

Now is probably a  good time to tell you that I am a queen of dropping/spilling drinks and the like.I had earlier spilt coke on the carpet some time back, very close to the spot that I spilt coffee today.Sigh!.Anyway, I made myself another cup of coffee and made sure I did not spill this one too. And of course, I savored every sip of it.

Few lessons learnt today.

  • Coffee wakes you up. But only if you get enough of it in your system.After just two sips, your body is still sleeping. So beware of what you do.
  • Apparently, coffee stains on a cream shade carpet is much better looking than the coke stain on the carpet which tends to turn black after multiple attempts of washing it off.
  • Always keep some reserve milk, sugar, coffee powder every time you make coffee. If you are down to your last cup, DO NOT DRINK IT. Cause if you spill it, you won’t have back up.
  • Coffee tastes best just when it is about to be spilt and the moments after it is spilt.So watch out every time your coffee tastes amazing.
Why did I blog about this??In hope that my experience today saves someone’s coffee someday!!!