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Everything I do, I do it for You.

I do not like housework. I do not like cooking. I do not like doing dishes. I do not like being a housewife. Yes, I am not an ideal wife. In fact, I am far far far away from being that.

Ever since I’ve been married, I’ve not been working. And the ‘title’ housewife was bestowed upon me. Not that I did not have fun. I did. Free from pressures of work, free from early morning start, free from constant meetings, life was fun most of the times. But there were times when I wondered, what was I really doing with my life.

I tried not to complain most of the times. In fact, I had nothing to complain about. My life was perfect. But at times in the night, when I thought back of all that I did in the day, the only things that I had seemed to have done were cooking, cleaning, some more cooking and some more cleaning. And I would become grumpy. Grumpy because I was doing what I was not liking. It was not because I was not doing something that I like to do. (You may have to read the last sentence again to understand my point).

To make my point clear, I was grumpy because of my ‘like/dislike’ and not really because of the kind of work I was doing. What I needed was an attitude change. I heard someone say recently, ‘God will not take you to the next level, until you learn what He wants you to learn from this level’. I did not quite understand at that point what he meant but this statement lodged itself in my mind.

Coming back to my attitude towards house work, I been praying about it. Praying that God would help me change my attitude towards the things that are my duties, whether I like them or not. As part of this process, I even have a note scribbled in my kitchen that says ‘TO everything you make, add a dash of love’. And it sure does help. 2 nights back, when hubby and I were praying, perhaps for the first time ever so truthfully, I prayed aloud saying, ‘Lord, if cooking and cleaning is all I am supposed to be doing, help me to do it happily, for what ever I do, I do it unto You’. And I meant every word that I prayed.

The next day, I received word that I got one of the jobs that I have applied for. Now, you may call it a coincidence. But I like to believe that God wanted me to learn my lesson first. And that is, ‘Cooking and cleaning are always gonna be a part of my life. I might as well enjoy doing it.’  All that I pray now is, ‘Lord, help me remember it all through my life’.

I’m starting work this Monday and God knows what lessons he has for me to learn then.