See you on the other side…..

Your actions speak so loudly that I cannot hear what you are saying.

I’ve known uncle for as long as I can remember. His wife and my mom are close friends. My bro and his son are close friends. And I guess that left us to become friends. Me, my bro and his son – we grew up together, eating in each other’s houses, taking trips with each other’s families. It was kind of like having two families that I could call my own. And Uncle was my own special friend.

He was in a way, my mentor too. Two days after uncle passed away, I was still hurting when I heard my pastor say the words ‘Your actions speak so loudly that I cannot hear what you are saying’. It set me thinking. I’ve spent numerous hours with Uncle, I’ve taken a lot of mission trips with Uncle, I’ve sang with Uncle, I’ve prayed with Uncle, I’ve danced with Uncle. And in all those hours, I am sure that he would have said a lot of things to me. But somehow now when I think back, I cannot seem to remember any of those words of advices I am sure he must have told me.

However, I remember plenty. I remember all the things that he did not say to me but rather just choose to live it. Those lessons have taken root inside me and probably are things that I will always remember for the rest of my life. I will remember that trusting God does not mean that sickness will be far away from you. Rather, it means God’s grace is so abundant in your life that you can smile through the pain. I will remember that growing old is no excuse for not praising God with your hands and feet. I will remember how important it is to honor missionaries. I will always remember that people need God. That I need Jesus.

I will remember how when you trust God with your money, He will never let you be ashamed. I will remember that no matter what, I can trust Jesus. I will remember that in God’s family, you will have difference but that does not mean grudges should be held. I will remember that it does not matter if I am right or wrong, people are more important than my ego. I’ll remember that it’s alright to apologize even if I am in the right. I’ll remember to smile at all times.

If there was a banquet in honor of every person entering into heaven, I have a feeling that uncle’s table will be filled with palakottais and kolukottais. (I might have smuggled to uncle more than what he is supposed to have eaten. 🙂 )

Thank you Uncle, for all these unspoken lessons that you lived. You are my role model. As I would always tell my husband, you and Aunty are one couple that really practised every word your preached.

I’m gonna miss him. Miss his presence. Miss our ‘so called’ fights about how I have forgotten him. Miss him making fun of my cooking. When I land back in India, it’s going to be a strange world. A world without my mentor, my friend.

Uncle and Aunty helping us cut our wedding cake! It’s now one of my most cherished moments.




5 thoughts on “See you on the other side…..

  1. I totally agree with you Angel, I am in tears. Yes rightly said, uncle has been a role model to me as well. Miss you, uncle 😦

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