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Let’s retire early, Shall we?

10 Jobs that will let you retire early – That was the first mail I saw in my inbox. Ironically, that mail was from one of the many job portals that I subscribe to.

Now if you think about it, the day you retire, the job portal loses one customer. Why on earth, are they advertising to something that could potentially lead to them losing customers, (since we are already in a highly hypothetical scenario, let’s stretch it some more)  which will lead to them losing revenue, which will lead to a million job cuts and eventually, shut down of their company.

Either they are really selfless and want what’s best for their customers or they are completely confident, that not many of us will actually read that article. Let alone, get into the jobs that could help us retire early. So which one is it? That they do not believe in what they just said or they do not believe in what we would do.

OK. I totally exaggerated the whole thought. Oh, wait. I have not yet read that article. Yes, all this even before I could read what the article says. Before my mind can think all this through, my hands quickly deleted the mail. Of course, I fished it out from the trash after my brain had finished processing this whole thought.

Why does this topic seem so appealing to me?. Why do I want to retire early? Am I not happy with my present life? Will I be more happier if I retire early? Is it the retire ‘early’ part or the ‘retire’ part that excites me? Is it that I am lazy and hence do not want to work? Do I wish I was born a millionaire? Is it all about the money ?

If I have all my basic requirements to live, met today, why do I still want more? Why do I want a bigger house? Why do I want a car bigger than what I have now? Why do I want a better job? Why are we always looking for something that we do not have?

If we knew and understood  all the reasons to the whys above, maybe this world would have been a far better place than what is it now. OR Maybe not.  I don’t know.

Maybe all that I can do now for myself, is to pray what Audrey Assad sings about.



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Born to win.

You were born to win! 

Looking to become leaders in their industryThat’s the latest catch-phase that every religion seems to be talking about. You were born to win. If you believe in Jesus, He will give you everything you need. Speak, and your words have power to make it happen. The power of positive thinking. 

While it is super encouraging to hear those positive words and many of them are indeed from the Bible, I wonder if we are moving far away from the truth as quickly as we can.

Back in the days, as a little girl, I thought my purpose in life was to please God. And in return, God would do everything for my best. If I did not get a dress that I prayed for, it was (in my mind) because God probably was going to give me a better dress than the one I prayed for. As a teen, when I did not get a prize that I was dreaming and aiming for all my life, I thought it was probably because God knew that giving me that prize would somehow take me away from God. As a young adult, when I did not get the appreciation I thought I deserved, it was because God was going to use my experience to bring many people to God.

And now as an adult, when the one thing I wanted most all my life was given and taken away, I searched for a reason. The purpose of why I had to go through such an ordeal. What could God possibly get out of my situation? It hurt bad. It disappointed me. It broke me completely.  Somehow, all the ‘it must be for my good’ , ‘God is going to give me better things’ explanations did not make sense.  It just did not make sense.

How can death be explained as a good thing in any way? How can cancer be explained as ‘better things await’? How can ‘God is a loving God’ be explained when bad things happen?

Maybe, just maybe, we got it all wrong.

I believe that yes, we are more than conquerors in Jesus Christ. I believe that the battle has already been won. I believe that all things work together for my good. And more than that, I believe that the reason I was made, is to bring glory to God.

As humans, we define win as ‘something that we expect to happen, happens’. But is that how God defines a win? If the very purpose of my life is to glorify God in every circumstance, then in what ever situation I am in, I got to bring glory to God. And that would be a win in God’s eyes.

When I am faced with death of a loved one, I go though my pain depending on God and that glorifies God.That’s a win. When I am faced with sickness, I do life, praising God for what I do have. That’s a win. When I am out of money, I live everyday trusting God to lead me. That’s a win. When what I am disappointed, I cry out to God. That’s a win.

So you see, we are winners even when bad things happen to us. Cause we choose to glorify God. Having a big house, lots of money and good health cannot be a win in God’s eyes. How then can we, define win as just that? How then can we expect only good things to happen to us ?

That is why, this is what I believe. In every circumstance, whether good or bad, I choose to bring glory to God. For I was created for that very purpose. And that’s a win.