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An eventful Coffee!!

Once a milk hater, now an ‘early morning cup of coffee’ ¬†lover. That’s me!

How did I become one? Simple. Before wedding, someone else always made breakfast. Be it mom, or the cook at the various hostels I stayed, someone else made my breakfast. So, all I had to do was get ready and have a steamy hot breakfast but post wedding, I have to make my own breakfast. ūüė¶ (The sad smiley at this point is really appropriate.) And to do that, I need to wake up. And coffee helps me do just that.And over the period of months, I’ve began to love it.

That’s where my story starts.I woke up today morning with the same love for coffee. Forcing myself out of bed, I made myself a cup of coffee.I was quite sad that my coffee powder was getting over.(It was my favourite brand of coffee and an Indian one too. So where we stay, we don’t quite get it regularly.I’ve been on the lookout for that brand in the last two shopping trips I went but rather unsuccesfully.) So you see, I had to¬†savor¬†the final cups of this brand.

I took a sip of the coffee and it tasted quite exceptional today.Just the way I like it.Ah!! Bliss. I logged onto facebook, took another sip and placed the cup on the table.And !!@#$%^&* there’s coffee everywhere. On the table, on the papers, on the couch, on the book that I was reading last night and ON THE CARPET.(Not again!!!). I quickly brought in my personal commando (hubby) and did some damage control. But the damage on the carpet was done.

Now is probably a  good time to tell you that I am a queen of dropping/spilling drinks and the like.I had earlier spilt coke on the carpet some time back, very close to the spot that I spilt coffee today.Sigh!.Anyway, I made myself another cup of coffee and made sure I did not spill this one too. And of course, I savored every sip of it.

Few lessons learnt today.

  • Coffee wakes you up. But only if you get enough of it in your system.After just two sips, your body is still sleeping. So beware of what you do.
  • Apparently, coffee stains on a cream shade carpet is much better looking than the coke stain on the carpet which tends to turn black after multiple attempts of washing it off.
  • Always keep some reserve milk, sugar, coffee powder every time you make coffee. If you are down to your last cup, DO NOT DRINK IT. Cause if you spill it, you won’t have back up.
  • Coffee tastes best just when it is about to be spilt and the moments after it is spilt.So watch out¬†every time¬†your coffee tastes amazing.
Why did I blog about this??In hope that my experience today saves someone’s coffee someday!!!
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Raining in Google??

I’ve always been inspired to write at the weirdest of hours.Like for instance, my painter was written in the midst of a very crowded Indian bus on the way to work in the morning hours.Many of my articles have been written in the darkness, deep into the night.So, I’m not really surprised that I am writing this at (what I consider) way too early in the morning, Read on.

Hubby and I were talking last night about the thunders storm warning that have been issued in Alberta.And I think,the following conversation is a result and a continuation of our conversation last night.

Hubby : Is it raining?Can you see? (I should have probably used my brain to think why hubby wanted me to see if it is raining in the middle of his sleep)

(Struggling to open my eyes, I take the laptop and try to unlock it)I can’t unlock the system.I can’t see properly.(I am still way too sleepy at this point to really think anything) .(Making a mental note to self)’Come on, you have to¬†open¬†your eyes, You need to see whats on the computer. Hubby needs to know. You need to know’. (I should have also remembered at this point, that Google is not always the solution to questions )With great difficulty and awesome passion, I finally unlocked my laptop and then…..then WHAT?? (I have no idea why I switched on the laptop to see if it was raining.Heck, I don’t know why hubby wants to know if it is raining in the middle of the night(well… not exactly middle of the night).So, I turn to hubby to ask him why he needs to know if it is raining and behold, he is SLEEPING like a baby.

Seriously, all this was just sleep talking??? so, I decide to go back to sleep, only now, I am way too awake and my tummy decides to growl.I cannot sleep now.So, I pour myself a glass of milk and I write this post.

Hubby darling, if you are reading this post and I am sleeping, it means I finally managed to fall asleep again.Can you do me a¬†favor¬†and fix your own break fast? ¬†ūüôā ūüôā ūüôā .(Now, this ought to wake him up ūüôā )

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My crazy learning for the day.

A wise man once said, ‘You learn something every day if you pay attention.’. And this wise girl now says, ‘Right on, Mister’.

I would say that today has been a very eventful day for my brain.Cause it learnt/realized and re-learnt/remembered a lot of things today.Facts like,

  • You can throw in more garbage if only the garbage bin was a little bigger.
  • The more you sleep, the more sleepier you feel.
  • Firedrills are no fun.Especially if you live in the 22nd floor.(I used to get excited about Firedrills while at work cause it meant a half hour break but then again, I was working in the ground floor then.)
  • Tomatoes are expensive. I mean like really expensive.And here I was using them like crazy last week.I bought tomatoes paying the price of a Diary milk silk (in India) for one tomato.I guess that means no tomato based dish at my house for the next couple of days.
  • Preparing a resume is hard.Especially when you’ve had three different kind of jobs in the last 3 years.
  • Placing a chappati (an Indian dish) on the stove and watching an Angry Bird ad on laptop is not to be done at the same time.If done, brace yourself for a burnt and black chapati.(Sorry, no pictures this time.)

I guess what I am trying to say is, one can never stop learning.I bet you can try but I don’t think that you can succeed.The thing about learning is that, it is never just¬†about technology, books and school. Anytime your brain¬†realizes¬†for the first time or remembers an already learnt fact, I call it a learning.Anything that makes y0u a even a little bit more wiser is a learning.

The one good thing about being a fool is that, you can never BE a fool.The moment you realize that something you did was foolish, you are no longer a fool. Cause when you are a fool, you will  never realize you are being foolish.You could have been a fool in the past, but you can never be a fool in the present.Even after realizing that you were a fool, and you continue to be the same, then you cannot be called a fool. You have to be named something else.(If someday, this theory catches on, then please do not forget to mention my name as the theory owner. )

So, whats your crazy learning for today?

On a completely unrelated note, wanted to leave you with a smile to get you through your monday blues.

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The Lion Theory

There is an old comparison in Tamil (my native language) that men are like lions. Or rather, I’ve heard old grannies comparing little baby boys to lion cubs.Now, there is a reason why I said it as an old comparison.Cause no one uses it these days or even thinks of such things these days.Except for my husband and his pack of friends.Supposedly, the LIONS club.

I don’t remember how it all started, but some time back my husband started proclaiming that men are like lions. Sadly enough, his¬†theory¬†caught on and now almost all his friends declare themselves to be lions.Heck, they even tag themselves on pictures of lions.

So here is their theory.Its pretty fascinating, I should say.So, to fully understand the LION theory, read on.

Men are like lions. So what?

  • Lions hunt and bring food for the family. Inference? Men will work while women have to work in the kitchen. (This is in fact not a true lion fact but the Lions club members claim it to be.)
  • Lions eat almost anything in case of hunger.Inference? Men will eat anything if they are hungry. (This is in fact true in real life. With men as well as lions.)
  • Lions are considered the king of the jungle. Inference? Men are considered to be the ruler of the house.(The important word here is CONSIDERED.To all the women out there, lets just let the men think that they are the king.Trust me, you can get a lot of peace if you just let them think they rule . ūüôā )
  • The lion protects the pride. Inference? Men protect the family.(OK, I can live with this one.)
  • Lions roar.Inference? When men talk,its actually a roar.

So, here you go.I am¬†pretty¬†much sure that you have a clear idea about the Lions theory now.Fascinating isn’t it?The following is a brief conversation that took place some time back in one of our friend’s house.

Mr X   :   Mrs.X,I want some water.
Mrs X :   Why should I get it for you Mr.X?
Mr.X   :   I am SINGAM. (singam is the tamil word for a Lion)

According to the lion’s club members, ‘I am a Lion’ is all the explanation needed for the wife to do what the husband wants.I am definitely not going to tell you what Mrs.X actually gave Mr.X following this conversation.You can very well imagine that.

Before any one gets the impression that my hubby and his friends are hard core old¬†fashioned MCPs (Male chauvinist Pigs)¬†, I must tell you that they are, quite in fact the total opposite of what they claim to be.For the wives of the members of the Lion’s club, this works perfectly well for us.. So, we just let them play pretend that they have never seen the kitchen in the house. ūüôā


For more lion stories… click here.

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Show me your FaceBook wall and I’ll tell you who you are.

As a facebook user for close to 4 years now, it is not very surprising to see a pattern in someone’s profile.Especially when it comes to updating pictures.Actually, you can judge a ¬†person’s age by the kind of pictures or comment a person leaves.Let me pen it down in points for you.

  1. New Facebook User : You see a lot of profile information changes happening in your news feed.The profile picture changes 5 times in a day as you are trying to find the right one. You probably comment on everybody’s updates for a day or two as you assumed it was meant for you personally. It takes a day or two for you to know that updates are for everyone.
  2. Pre Teen User : You are a kid that is not legally supposed to be on Facebook but you are stating false age.You are in for games like Farmville, Frontierville and Fishville. No updates/status. No Information about self.No pictures except maybe a profile picture of you along with a thousand other people.
  3. Early Teen User : This crowd updates pictures mostly of school trips.Absolutely no status updates.Litttle bit of comments here and there for pictures of friends.You Click on all possible application like ‘Find out who’ and ‘Are you Happy today’.
  4. Late Teen User : This crowd is probably the most active.Videos from you tube find themselves on your wall.Lots of status updates Lots of pictures of themselves at different angles and lots of commenting.Lots of texting language used.
  5. College user : You mostly update about how exam sucks or how much you want a holiday. Lots of pictures of friends hanging out. And most importantly, most of the updates happen late nights.
  6. Being single User : This is the category where most of my friends seem to be in. You change profile picture but only have pictures in which you look nothing less than awesome.Updates don’t happen very often and when it does happen, it is quite sensible. Usually a statement you want to make or an opinion about something. Not much of commenting on other profiles.
  7. Engaged User : Profile picture changes to that of you and fiancée.Lots of updates regarding wedding plans.
  8. Just married User : Profile picture changes to the best pic of the bride and the groom in the wedding attire.No status updates for a while.No activity on Facebook for a while. Of course, I know of people who have updated 4 hrs before their wedding but then they are an exception.
  9. Newly Married User : Pictures of spouse and you at different places. Profile picture is definitely one of spouse and you.Updates about nature and places visited. Times of separation leads to updates of how awesome your spouse is.
  10. Not so newly Married User : Now, this is where I currently fall in. You are tired of looking for profile pictures where both you and spouse both look good as you¬†realize¬†that you may never get such a¬†picture¬†any time soon. So you contemplate putting up a profile picture with just you and no spouse but then your heart is still not satisfied, so you just don’t change your profile picture at all.
  11. New Parent User : Profile picture is definitely of the baby or you with the baby. Spouse disappears from the profile pictures or any newly added pictures if they do not carry the baby.Updates on what the baby did.
  12. Old User : You know if you fall into this category, if you hardly update and your comments on your friends pictures or walls usually gets no response.No profile picture changes.No status messages. You are probably here cause you want to get in touch with your child.
After writing all this, all I can think of is that, I cannot prove to the world any better that I am quite jobless.
So, which category do you think you fit in? I’ve gone through 6 to 10. Before 6, are my pre-Facebook days and I guess after 10 are my future Facebook days.So, where are you now?
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Every day questions answered.

Disclaimer : None of the reasons and explanations given below are mine. I have copied some from the internet and met the author of the some other explanation. Read on and be amazed / amused. But never, ever, ever try this at home.

What is the best diet to eat when you are sick with flu/temperature.

Ans: The most spiciest food possible like Biriyani. Cause by eating such heavy food, you actually end up confusing the virus that is attacking your body.Hence, the virus becomes ineffective in harming your body.

How do you protect your body from biting cold winds?

Leave one part of your body like your head or hands uncovered.Your brain can only concentrate on one thing.So when your uncovered part begins to pain from the cold, your brain knows it. What it fails to notice is that, the other parts of your body are cold too.Hence, you are actually warm.

Why must we put on our pants one leg at a time?

Ans: If we jumped into our pants simultaneously placing both legs in at one time, we would land heavily on the ground. As a majority of us are getting dressed at the same time of the morning, the cumulative effect would Cause an earth tremor. Due to the use of time zones, the tremor established In Eastern Time would arrive in the central zone at precisely the moment all those people were jumping into their pants. The tremor would increase in size exponentially, and proceed west to combine with the mountain zone folks as they get dressed. As this cycle encircles the globe, it would feed upon the next day’s Tremor and eventually cause the earth’s crust to break apart and float into space. This is why we put our pants on one leg at a time. :)

PS : Please feel free to ask me any doubts you may have regarding the first two questions. Cause I know the ‘brain’ behind the explanations personally and I can get your doubts clarified.As for the last one, I am unaware of who came up with explanation.
Hope you have an awesome week ahead.
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An ode ….

I look at your beaming face and smile

But you stare,hardly ever acknowledging me.

I search your face, looking for signs

Signs that will show me, you know me

But you remain the same everyday.

I even know the speck of dirt on your cheek

After a day’s hard work.

I know every line on your face,

How can I not know?

For your face is all I see ,all the time.

I see you in the morning when you wake up

And your face shines like the light.

As you slowly come to life,

I see my whole life in your eyes

Buy why,Oh why don’t you see me?

There are times when I want to hate you

Times when I don’t want you in my life anymore.

There are times when I wish you whisper back to me

But you don’t, for you do not see me.

Try as I can,but I can’t stop loving you

My dear laptop, why do u bother me so much?

Konar Note : This poem is a result of spending a day alone.Readers have to be thankful that I’m not alone in my life.Else they will have to read more poems like this. ūüôā