Marriage – How it all begins.

Marriage is every girl’s dream. It was mine too. I dreamt for years of an evening wedding with a small gathering of my closest friends. The backdrop would be pretty and simple. The food and decorations would be a bit western. My brother would be the best man. There would be no customs and definitely no gold involved in my wedding. And then I got married. And there wasn’t even a slight resemblance to my dream in my wedding process. Except for the guy.

I had a morning wedding with the biggest crowd I’ve ever seen come to a private ceremony. The backdrop was grand. My brother wasn’t the best man and my wedding ceremony involved a lot of customs that I did not even knew existed. And I wore an awful lot of gold jewelry. Nothing went as per my dream. However, I know without a doubt that it was one of the happiest days of my life.

And that’s where a marriage begins – Sacrificing for someone else’s happiness.My husband and I have known each other for a long time. And we have never fought. But the weeks leading up to the wedding was so mentality draining on us that we constantly found ourselves fighting with each other. For no reason. 2 Weeks before the wedding, I found myself sleepless and wondering if I made the right choice. Wondering if this is how life going to be. Full of fights and tears. Wondering how we were going to solve our differences. If we will ever solve our differences. This is what they call cold feet I guess and I had cold feet. 

The reason behind our fights was this. We had plans of how our wedding was supposed to be like. And our parents had plans of how our wedding was supposed to be like. And it was not the same. While hubby found it easy to accommodate our parent’s plans, I found it hard. The only thought that was running in my head was, “This is my wedding. And I want it to be the way I have always dreamt about.”  And hubby, being the sweet guy he is, was trying hard with our parents to have it our way. And he wasn’t having much success. As a result, we were fighting.

So, with just days to go for our wedding, we made a decision. That we were going to let our parents have this happiness. They can do all that they want and we would go simply along with it. The moment we decided this, there was peace in our hearts. My feet became warm again and I found myself looking forward to my wedding day.

And I can tell you today, when I look back to my wedding day, I remember all the events very clearly. Right from how they made us walk behind a marching band to the huge life size pictures they had put outside the church with the most ‘not so nice’ picture they could find of me. Embarrassing as it was, that day, we decided to laugh at what comes our way and we did. We still do.

i-doWhen I was talking to my mom about all this, she told me this. Marriage is a one day affair. In trying to have it your way for a day, you are straining relationships that are going to last a lifetime. It is not a weak or a foolish decision to give up your personal dream to win the hearts of people you are soon going to call family. And as a soon to be wife and daughter in law, I inscribed these words deep in my heart. And 3 years from that day, I can tell you now, all that I gave up is well worth all that I gained on that day.


You could be dead the next moment.

I witnessed a crash scene today from my house balcony.Thankfully, no one was hurt.

A car crashed into the sidewalk right opposite to my house. It was God’s grace that no one was there at the time of the incident.Cause, judging by the tire marks on the road, the car must have been in a good speed. I heard the sound of the crash and went immediately to my balcony.Saw few people on the road on their cell phones. I assumed they were calling 911.

It was amazing how the police, ambulance ,etc were at the scene in less than 2 minutes. The sound of siren is something that we constantly hear for we live in the downtown area. I remember, in the beginning of summer, the first few days after we started sleeping with the windows open, I would hardly sleep at nights as the sound of the siren blasting every now and then, used to keep waking me up. But now, it’s part of our lives. After witnessing this crash, I won’t complain anymore.

The whole scene was cleared in 45 mins with the car being towed away, few wires that were pulled off by the crash were taken care of and the yellow ‘do not cross’  tape was removed and everything was back to normal.

I took some pictures (as usual) . Later, as I was going through them, I realized, that anybody who could have been standing at the sidewalk at that moment would have died. If not, at least had a near death experience. And this is a side walk that I walk on, pretty often. It is right in front of my apartment where most of my friends live. And somehow, that thought sent a shiver down my spine.I thank God for making sure nobody was standing there at that moment.

Isn’t this life? Unexpected things happen in the blink of an eye.You can never be sure that you will wake up tomorrow morning. The wind can kill you. The rain can kill you. The earth can kill you.Anything can kill you. But the question is, are you ready? Are you ready with your answer to questions like ‘what will happen after I die?, where will I go after I die?, What if, God was true?.  Are you ready to meet Him?’ .

From where I come from, thinking or talking about death is considered bad luck. I don’t believe it to be. Cause, if it were true, I would have died a million times already 🙂 . But the thought here is, ARE YOU READY FOR THE INEVITABLE?

An eventful Coffee!!

Once a milk hater, now an ‘early morning cup of coffee’  lover. That’s me!

How did I become one? Simple. Before wedding, someone else always made breakfast. Be it mom, or the cook at the various hostels I stayed, someone else made my breakfast. So, all I had to do was get ready and have a steamy hot breakfast but post wedding, I have to make my own breakfast. 😦 (The sad smiley at this point is really appropriate.) And to do that, I need to wake up. And coffee helps me do just that.And over the period of months, I’ve began to love it.

That’s where my story starts.I woke up today morning with the same love for coffee. Forcing myself out of bed, I made myself a cup of coffee.I was quite sad that my coffee powder was getting over.(It was my favourite brand of coffee and an Indian one too. So where we stay, we don’t quite get it regularly.I’ve been on the lookout for that brand in the last two shopping trips I went but rather unsuccesfully.) So you see, I had to savor the final cups of this brand.

I took a sip of the coffee and it tasted quite exceptional today.Just the way I like it.Ah!! Bliss. I logged onto facebook, took another sip and placed the cup on the table.And !!@#$%^&* there’s coffee everywhere. On the table, on the papers, on the couch, on the book that I was reading last night and ON THE CARPET.(Not again!!!). I quickly brought in my personal commando (hubby) and did some damage control. But the damage on the carpet was done.

Now is probably a  good time to tell you that I am a queen of dropping/spilling drinks and the like.I had earlier spilt coke on the carpet some time back, very close to the spot that I spilt coffee today.Sigh!.Anyway, I made myself another cup of coffee and made sure I did not spill this one too. And of course, I savored every sip of it.

Few lessons learnt today.

  • Coffee wakes you up. But only if you get enough of it in your system.After just two sips, your body is still sleeping. So beware of what you do.
  • Apparently, coffee stains on a cream shade carpet is much better looking than the coke stain on the carpet which tends to turn black after multiple attempts of washing it off.
  • Always keep some reserve milk, sugar, coffee powder every time you make coffee. If you are down to your last cup, DO NOT DRINK IT. Cause if you spill it, you won’t have back up.
  • Coffee tastes best just when it is about to be spilt and the moments after it is spilt.So watch out every time your coffee tastes amazing.
Why did I blog about this??In hope that my experience today saves someone’s coffee someday!!!

Horses, more horses and then..some more horses.

Howdy People!I realize my blog is becoming more and more like a travel blog or a picture blog, but I hope you are being entertained by my posts.I have been doing quite a bit of travelling lately and the things I see are too good to miss letting you guys know about it.Tomorrow hubby and I are going boating 🙂 . Us doing all these activities, comes as a surprise to even us, cause neither me nor hubby are outdoor people.But, hey! make hay while the sunshine.Umm.. I mean it quite literally cause in Calgary, the sun shines only or 4 months is a, HEEEEE HAWWWWWW!!!!(This gal is going country today 🙂 )

Calgary hosts a 10 day event every year called the Calgary Stampede.It’s a celebration of the wild west.There are gonna be a lot of events happening in the city for the next 10 days including rodeo stuff,  derby etc etc. I can’t give you the full details yet cause I have no idea what all this means.We’ve got tickets for a couple of events.. Will keep you guys updated with pictures, so you feel like you are a part of Calgary Stampede 2011. YAAAHOOOO! (That’s pretty much what I have been screaming since morning.)

You can check out the official website of the Stampede here. Go ahead, check it out to really know what I am talking about.And oh, oh oh… Did I mention that the royal couple William and Kate were also here. I caught a glimpse of Kate waving from inside the car but they passed even before my brain could process what my eyes saw. So, forget about pictures of the royal couple in my post.

Us camping out...

To kick off the Stampede, there was a parade this morning. 2 hours before the parade could start, me and couple of my friends camped on the roadside. It was fun. Of all the days, today saw the temperature drop to somewhere around 10-15 (my guess) cause it was soooooooo cold and very very very windy.The Stampede is all about horses and cowboy/cowgirl. So we saw a lot of horses. Beautiful, beautiful horses. So huge and magnificient.Lately, I’ve been watching a serial called Heartland which  is all about horses and guess what? I am in love with horses.

Since, today was very windy, there were hats flying everywhere.All the performers wore hats and it was funny to watch them running after the hats in the middle of their performance. The wind actually played spoil sport today.There were a couple of girls performing with guns. You know, throwing the guns in the air and catching them and swirling them and so on.Once, all of them in unison threw the guns in the air and there was a gush of wind and all guns dropped to the ground.Oh, I don’t even want to imagine how it was for the performers on stills. Couple of times, the horses kind of dashed against each other because of the wind.

Overall, it was so much fun today and I saw a lot of horses. Felt like I was in a dreamland of horses.So, here are today’s pictures for you to enjoy..

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Niagara- As seen from my eyes….

Just back from my trip to Toronto, Canada and my mind is fresh with with many breath-taking scenes and sights.So, this is me, trying to make you see what I saw.

Toronto, Ontorio

Toronto as a city, reminded me so much of India.Lots of Indian restaurants (my hubby was one happy guy there :)),lots of Asians and amazing places to visit. The city is quite a bit of a tourist hub and can get really crowded on weekends.Navigating is a lot easier with a GPS. After spending 3 days in the city, I’ve kinda realized that people there are not very honest. Could be just that it is a tourist spot and hence it is easy to take people for a ride or maybe it was just our experiance but I think you need to watch out for yourself.(Hey! Sorry to offend Toronto guys out there).Quite a big city surrounded by water on every side.Looks beautiful.

Niagara Falls

Niagara is an hour’s journey away from the downtown , Toronto. But on crowded days, the journey can take up to 3 hours. So be warned. But, what ever be the crowd, Niagara is well worth the countless hours of traffic on the road.You can read all about it and see for yourself here.Niagara is on the Canadian-US border. The falls itself is on the US side but Canada definitely boasts of a better view and experience of the falls.

The falls is the US side and I am standing on the Canadian side

Niagara itself has two main falls. The smaller one called the Bridal Veil and the huge one called the Horse shoe Falls. Bridal veil actually is huge but smaller compared to the Horse shoe falls.The falls reminded me so much of the power that water has.Reminded me of how small I was compared to this huge natural fall.Reminded me of how creative God must be. The whole time we were there, we could see the rainbow over the HorseShoe falls and I couldn’t help but think, that God was displaying his creation at his best just for me to see.

The Bigger Horshoe Falls

The Bridal Veil... More rocky than the other

Couple of must do things at the Niagara are the Maid of the Mist ride and the Journey behind the falls walk.Maid of the mist is a boat ride that takes you right up to the foot of the falls so you an actually feel the height and the force of the falls. Journey behind the falls is a walk through a tunnel that takes your right up to the falls midway.You can hear the water gushing all around you. An amazing experience I say.Maid of the mist is available on both canadian and US side but the journey behind the falls is available in the canadian side.

Maid of the mist boat ride that takes us right to the falls.

Journey behind the falls walk that takes us right besides the Horse shoe Falls.

I must warn you about the various tours being offered around Niagara. Beware of information centers. As usual, Arun and I stepped into an information center first and we were told that everything around the city is very expensive. We were told that every place that we wanted to visit were far off and that each included a parking fee of 30 dollars etc etc. And for an amount of 100 dollars per person, they would take us on  a tour. Since it was very crowded that day, we almost took it up. But thankfully, the moment we stepped out on our own, we realized what a bunch of liars they were. We ended up paying 10 dollars for parking the whole day and almost every place was walk-able.See what I mean by people were not quite honest there?

Niagara is too good an opportunity to miss and I am glad that I had a chance to see this magnificent scenic beauty. So, I present to you, THE NIAGARA…

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Planning a trip?? Take note…

I am just back from a trip that we have been planing for close to 3 months and we learnt a lot about planning trips in this trip.Hence this post.

Things to consider.

  1. If you are planning a trip to a well known tourist spot on a long weekend, stop right there.DON”T plan further.We were in Toronto on Canada day weekend and so was rest of the world.Our plan was to visit at least close to 8 places on 3 days but we ended up visiting just 3 places. More than the time we spent enjoying the sights we spent time waiting in line to get to places. Our journey to the Niagara was supposedly an hour and 15 minutes ride. But it took us 4 hours just to get there and 3 hrs to get back.Such was the crowd.Entry to the CN tower took us 2 hours of wait in the line.Not fun I say.
  2. If you are planning on driving around yourself in a new place, GPS is a life saver.A print out of Google maps are not quite enough. Once highways are jammed, you will be diverted into some exits and you are lost.Then comes GPS to the rescue. We were so glad that we rented out one.
  3. You might want to consider staying at a not so star hotel. Atleast, they provide you with a free parking space. Star hotels charge you for everything.Except breathing.
  4. If you badly want a get away on a long weekend, then try a resort or something like that. Dot not plan popular sight seeing places.There are just people everywhere.
Just to give you an idea of the crowd that I am taking about, let me share a few pics with you…

On the way to Niagara

Crowded Niagara

What happens when the lions cook?

Q : What happens when the lions cook?

Ans : The lionesses go hungry without food.

OK. Let me spell that out for you. My hubby always calls himself a lion. He says that men of the house are like lions. Why, you ask me? . It’s a long story.Let’s leave that for another day.

My hubby and couple of his friends decided to cook a dinner for the wives.The plan when they suggested was that, the girls were supposed to go shopping and when we returned, dinner will be ready on the plates for us to eat. Now, this is a dream come true to any girl and so the plan was set for last saturday.

Fortunately or unfortunately, I ended up with the guys as they went shopping on saturday morning for the ingredients.The shopping started around 12 in the noon. We, or rather the guys brought some meat and we… Oh! wait. ‘Some’ is not the correct word. The guys brought huge amount of meat.Then we went to buy other ingredients when the guys thought that the meat was not enough.So we ended up going back to the first store buying some more.I was a mere spectator and totally enjoying the enthusiasm the guys showed shopping for grocery.

Half way through the shopping, I realized that the guys were planning only the meat part of the dinner. Now, if you not an Indian, I should tell you a little bit about our meal habit. Each Indian meal will consist of rice / roti, a curry to eat the rice/roti with and some side dish.Sometimes, we even have different varieties of curries to eat the rice with. So, back to our story. The rice and curry was totally missing from the guys’ plan.(A peek into the future : The girls ended up making the curry and the rice).

By the time the other girls returned home, we were still out. Shopping. So there was the first hint that maybe dinner will not be on the table in time. So we managed to return home sometime late evening.Then started the cooking. The 3 lions involved in the making of the dinner ran up and down the stairs(as cooking was happening in 3 houses on different floors) for close to 3 hrs before the meat was finally ready.(The turkey took too long to cook so we ended up eating it for lunch the next day 🙂 )

And we ended up having a midnight dinner.Exactly some time after 12.Few slept before dinner 🙂 .That was the case of ‘when the lions cooked’.

To the lions that planned the dinner, all I(on behalf of the lionesses) can say is, Thank you. You gave us a reason to not wish our hubby cooked for us often.You gave us a good laugh and more than that, you gave me a blog topic 🙂 .Alright, now jokes apart, thank you dear lions for the thought of making dinner for the lionesses (though it was a ticket for you to a feast).It’s the thought that counts and Of,course to the world I declare, the meat was amazing (wink,wink).