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It’s not you. It’s me.

We have a wonderful couple as neighbours. Last night was movie night with the neighbours. We watched the movie ‘October Baby’. And I must say, I loved the movie.  It deals with a subject that I feel strongly about – Abortion.  And I did not even know it till I started watching the movie. Almost at the end of the movie, there is a conversation between the father and the daughter where the father says, ‘It’s not that I don’t trust you. It’s that, I’m trying honestly to learn to trust God again.’  Wow!

Isn’t this our problem today? – Trusting God.

october babyAs a parent, you teach your kids. You teach them not to steal. You teach them to say no to drugs. You teach them to do the right thing at all times. You teach them to not to lie. You teach them not to cheat. But what after that? You teach your kid to look both sides when you cross the road and hope that they learn how to cross roads. But what power do you have over the drunk driver who may run a red light? You teach your kid that guns are bad and pray that your kids never see a gun all their life. But what can you do about a crazy gun man who may charge into their school? You teach your kids a whole lot of things praying and hoping they are safe all through their lives but there are greater things that you have absolutely no control over. What do you do then?

As a wife, I pray for my husband’s safety every day. I tell him not to text and drive. I tell him to eat his meals. I tell him to sleep. I do everything in my power to pray and wish that he is safe at all times. But does that guarantee anything?

As a daughter, I pray for my parents that they would be blessed with good health. I call them often to see if all is well with them. I live half world across from them and I know at times when they need me, I can’t be there. What do I do then? Is anything in our hands?

I’m learning that whatever role I play in my life, I need to learn to trust God. Cause, in reality, nothing is really in my hands. The horse may be prepared for the day of battle but the victory has to come from God. I have a good job today. But I learn to trust God that He will bless the company that I work for. I take the transit to work every day. But I learn to trust God to help the driver drive safe. I eat my food every day. I learn to trust God to bless what I eat to nourish my body. I sleep every night. I learn to trust God that I will wake up the next day. When I will have my children, I will teach them all that I know and trust God to help them to decide to do the right thing at all time.

End of the day, we love our loved ones and a lot lies in our hands. But an even greater ‘lot’ lies in God’s hands. And I learn every day to trust Him that He will keep my loved ones safe physically and in the decisions that they make.

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CMB series: Men and Women DO NOT think alike.

Anybody married, will outright agree with me on this statement. Men and Women do not think alike. I can go a little further and say, After marriage, men will totally stop thinking about certain things. If you are a wife and you do not agree with me, your man must be the ‘one black sheep’. But I bet ya, you will be on my side sooner or later.

Gone are the days, men think of ways and means to impress you. Gone are the days, men think of doing things for you. I’ve got a bunch of young wives for my friends and every time we talk, we all agree on the things we say. It’s pretty much like, men are the same universally. They think food magically appears on the table, dishes wash themselves, the house cleans itself and that they are lions. Of course, the last one is pretty much applicable to all of my hubby’s friends.(NO guys, this does not mean I accept you are all lions. It is far from that.)

After dinner, if there are a lot of dishes to be washed, hubby always feels bad for me and comes close to my side and sweetly says ,’You can do it tomorrow’. Oh yea, you heard it right. It’s not  ‘I’ll help you’, or ‘Let me do some dishes’ but ‘You can do it tomorrow morning.’ . I always found this little hilarious. But what I found out was that my hubby was not the only one who says this. The other ‘lions’ say the same to their wives.

At times, I have spent sleepless hours obsessing over words I have said to hubby, thinking that perhaps he had misunderstood what I meant. But hubby would happily sleep through the night. And the next morning, hubby will have no recollection of what I had said. See what I mean by men don’t think?. I found quite a number of wives who agreed with me on this. The truth is, I guess, we women think a lot. And we think a lot between the lines.So wives, take note. The next time you are worried over something you said to your hubby,fear not. Chances that your hubby did hear it, are really slim. Chances that he got offended, is like one in a  million.

While women like to mean what they say, men like to nod to what women say. I read somewhere that men nod because they agree, but because it is much easier to nod than listen to what women say and give an intelligent reply. An example conversation that we had recently went like this.

Me : Sh, blah blah…

hubby : hmmm…

Me : seems  blah blah blah

hubby : hmmm….

me : blah blah

hubby : hmmm….



hubby : What shall we do?

I was telling hubby about things that were totally not related to us and all of a sudden hubby let in this intelligent question.  And he was busted. This happens more than often at our house. I am sure that lot of women can vouch for the validity of this scenario. But what I doubt is that,any man can say the same of the wife. When women listen, they listen. They might forget later on, but at least women sincerely listen.

I’ve been accused in the past of being biased in my series towards women and rightly so too. I only talk for my kind. I have been threatened in the past that ‘lions’ will counter attack this series in their own blog, but that day remains to be seen. Like I said, only women mean what they say 🙂 🙂

Disclaimer :

  • All stories/characters featured in my CMB series are not fictional and always resemble a real person mostly alive and is entirely intentional.
  • I write based on the inputs received from friends around me.So…. RESULTS MAY VARY from your perception/ idea.
And a big hug to my hubby for being so sportive about these series. 🙂
For more of the CMB series, click here.
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Some things never fade away….

I have lost quite a few people in my life to sickness and old age and I am quite able to accept it. But I lost a friend of mine to murder and her memory has never faded away. This happened 7 years ago and somehow last night was one of those nights when I lay awake thinking about her.

She and I studied together in all of middle school and high school. I don’t remember primary school but I think we must have gone to the same school. We’ve had our fights and we have had our laughs. We were never been the best of buddies but I think we were friends. I have pictures of us next to each other in the school tour in our last school year.A year after that, I read in the newspaper that she had died.It came as a big shocker to me.

During school days, I remember her having a boyfriend. A year after that, the papers reported that her boyfriend had killed her. I don’t know why or how or even if it was the same guy.But she was dead.

She was smart and beautiful.Don’t know why, but I always thought she was bold. She had a promising life in front of her. Everything was ruined because of the one decision she made.To love the wrong guy.

Life is too precious to end it in a moment. Be it taking your own life or taking someone else’s life, it is the most foolish decision that one can ever take.Just like the sun sets and arises the next day, your life will turn around. Every day is a new day. Every day is an opportunity to start things anew.Everyday is a chance to love again. Every new day is God’s way of telling you, that He cares and loves you enough to let you start all over again.

Don’t waste your life. There is always a second chance.ALWAYS.

Rest in peace, my friend.You are missed.

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What happens when the lions cook?

Q : What happens when the lions cook?

Ans : The lionesses go hungry without food.

OK. Let me spell that out for you. My hubby always calls himself a lion. He says that men of the house are like lions. Why, you ask me? . It’s a long story.Let’s leave that for another day.

My hubby and couple of his friends decided to cook a dinner for the wives.The plan when they suggested was that, the girls were supposed to go shopping and when we returned, dinner will be ready on the plates for us to eat. Now, this is a dream come true to any girl and so the plan was set for last saturday.

Fortunately or unfortunately, I ended up with the guys as they went shopping on saturday morning for the ingredients.The shopping started around 12 in the noon. We, or rather the guys brought some meat and we… Oh! wait. ‘Some’ is not the correct word. The guys brought huge amount of meat.Then we went to buy other ingredients when the guys thought that the meat was not enough.So we ended up going back to the first store buying some more.I was a mere spectator and totally enjoying the enthusiasm the guys showed shopping for grocery.

Half way through the shopping, I realized that the guys were planning only the meat part of the dinner. Now, if you not an Indian, I should tell you a little bit about our meal habit. Each Indian meal will consist of rice / roti, a curry to eat the rice/roti with and some side dish.Sometimes, we even have different varieties of curries to eat the rice with. So, back to our story. The rice and curry was totally missing from the guys’ plan.(A peek into the future : The girls ended up making the curry and the rice).

By the time the other girls returned home, we were still out. Shopping. So there was the first hint that maybe dinner will not be on the table in time. So we managed to return home sometime late evening.Then started the cooking. The 3 lions involved in the making of the dinner ran up and down the stairs(as cooking was happening in 3 houses on different floors) for close to 3 hrs before the meat was finally ready.(The turkey took too long to cook so we ended up eating it for lunch the next day 🙂 )

And we ended up having a midnight dinner.Exactly some time after 12.Few slept before dinner 🙂 .That was the case of ‘when the lions cooked’.

To the lions that planned the dinner, all I(on behalf of the lionesses) can say is, Thank you. You gave us a reason to not wish our hubby cooked for us often.You gave us a good laugh and more than that, you gave me a blog topic 🙂 .Alright, now jokes apart, thank you dear lions for the thought of making dinner for the lionesses (though it was a ticket for you to a feast).It’s the thought that counts and Of,course to the world I declare, the meat was amazing (wink,wink).

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Banff… A glimpse of beauty.

Yow know how some times, when we see something very beautiful or hear something very lovely, we tend to used the term, ‘most beautiful ______ in the world’ (though we know that more beautiful things do exist in this world) to describe it? Well, this is NOT one of those times. Banff IS in fact one of the most beautiful places in the world.

I know that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. But every beholder seems to agree that Banff, Canada is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Try googling for the most beautiful places in the world and Banff is sure to show up in the list under names like Banff or Canada Rockies or the Gondolas.The only thing that the Beholders can’t seem to agree upon is how top on their list of ‘Top 10 beautiful places in the world’ should Banff, be placed.

Banff is known for its Rocky Mountains and lakes. The view from the top of the Sulphur Mountains was amazing. We traveled in the Gondola . A visit to the Lake Loiuse proved amazing.I have never seen anything so beautiful my entire life so far.It really left me speechless.

So, here’s little bit of Banff for you.

Snow Covered

One of the many frozen lake along the way from Cagary to Banff
Frozen melting Ice
Streets of Banff
A view from the Gondola
The wind was making the fallen snow fly. Causing snow gusts.
Bus that can travel on ice.
That's my dude and me.My heart leapt with Joy on seeing my Indian Flag. Had I traveled in that direction for 11,000 kilometers, I would have reached India
I'm not sure what I was trying to do, but found this funny. 🙂
Lake Loiuse

On top the Frozen Lake.
In memory of 100 years of CPR

One of the many Ice Sculptures in Lake Loiuse

Highlights of the trip :

  • My first fall on ice. Not painful but Cold 🙂
  • Saw lots and lots of snow
  • ‘Operation Banana’ as my friend called it. That story will make up for a blog post itself. Someday.
  • Understood what the word ‘speechless’ meant.
  • Was awed by the Lord’s creative mind.
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Exploring the land

I love staring. At pretty much anything. I can stare for hours at the water, the stars, the road, the snow, the houses, the trees. You name anything pretty. I can stare at it. My hubby cannot. So yesterday, a couple of us sent our hubbies to work and took off to see the land as I call it.Between getting lost and not knowing it, we managed to walk quite a bit around the city and clicking pictures to my heart’s content.

So, here’s little bit of Calgary for you.

This is a Telus science museum where they have different themed exhibits.
A view of the Downtown

After getting lost around a bit... we finally found it
Prince's Island Park

managed to get a clear sky for the shot.


a guy passing by told us that this gateway was built as a memorial for the first hospital in Calgary
Was fascinated by the small structure next to huge ones


Found this guy running around us
I think this is the Bow River, which runs just outside Calgary
Found the last standing leaf
Not sure what shrub this is, but I'm pretty sure that this is the first red stem I've seen in my life

Found them hanging all around the park
A pretty bird
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My Blogging life.

Everyday morning, after hubby leaves for work, I fix myself a cup of coffee, sometimes my sandwich near by and log into the computer.I open my reader and I read the blogs that I follow. What to some people, the combination of newspaper and coffee does, my blog reading and coffee does to me.

It’s been two months since I took up blogging quite seriously.And in those two months, I learnt quite a lot.As every blog newbie, I wanted my page stats to look nice. And one trick that everyone seemed to suggest, was me reading new blogs and leaving a comment so that people can track back to me. Hence, more hits on my blog. So I started doing that.But what started as an innocent selfish action, led me to a couple of cool blogs.

I know now, that there are other people who love blogging. People whose lives are pretty interesting to follow.People whose lives are way different from mine. And people who live lives similar to mine.It has been quite a journey so far.

I follow few blogs regularly.I followed few other blogs and decided to un-follow them for various reasons.I found some blogs boring and some over rambling. So after few trial and error runs, I now have my list of blogs that I follow. So if you are in search of  blogs to follow, Here’s the list I suggest for you.

Recording Artist Ava Aston’s blog

Ava Aston is a singer(rocker-chic)  who blogs . And trust me when I say that her blog is fun. There is no predicting what her noggin(I’m using her words) will think next. Few things you need to know about her before you start reading her blog :

  1. She is Greek.
  2. Mr.Bricks is her manager.
  3. She is a sneaker addict.
  4. She has the four most adorable puppies. Click here for a pic of them.


The one thing that screams out to me every time I read one of Ruth’s writings is how beautiful her writings sound. I am someone who does not get poetry but every time Ruth writes one of her awesome poetry, they kinda move me. You have to check out her blog to understand for yourself how beautiful she is with words. Ruth is a personal friend of mine and the author of a book titled, ‘ The secret of Fair Haven‘.

JannaTWrite’s Blog

Janna is a working mom who writes about her experiences from her heart. There is often a self realization truth in what she writes. And for this, I love reading her blog.And Oh! She is funny too.

Merry Musings

Fire Crystals (the author of this blog who I shall now call F.C) lives in Bangalore and her blog contains accounts of her everyday experiences in the city, quite a few reviews about movies and books. I follow this blog cause mainly I feel like I can connect to things that F.C writes about.

Elegant Chic

E.C lives in Bangalore and her blog is quite a picture.Literally. If you hover around, you might get some cool recipes as well. I love her style of writing and her choice of words. Simple but says it out.

Holding the Future Hostage

Before you start wondering about the blog’s name, let me assure you it’s a nice blog :). Tia (the author) is a writer and the name of the blog is her first book( I think. Correct me if I’m wrong Tia). Her entries are simple and vary from everyday happenings, her faith in God to her getting her book published.

Nikkele’s Blog

Nikkele’s Blog is a cool mostly ‘About God’ blog.

An Arattai with Addy

Addy blogs from Chennai. About life , about technology. Check it out for yourselves.