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Let’s retire early, Shall we?

10 Jobs that will let you retire early – That was the first mail I saw in my inbox. Ironically, that mail was from one of the many job portals that I subscribe to.

Now if you think about it, the day you retire, the job portal loses one customer. Why on earth, are they advertising to something that could potentially lead to them losing customers, (since we are already in a highly hypothetical scenario, let’s stretch it some more)  which will lead to them losing revenue, which will lead to a million job cuts and eventually, shut down of their company.

Either they are really selfless and want what’s best for their customers or they are completely confident, that not many of us will actually read that article. Let alone, get into the jobs that could help us retire early. So which one is it? That they do not believe in what they just said or they do not believe in what we would do.

OK. I totally exaggerated the whole thought. Oh, wait. I have not yet read that article. Yes, all this even before I could read what the article says. Before my mind can think all this through, my hands quickly deleted the mail. Of course, I fished it out from the trash after my brain had finished processing this whole thought.

Why does this topic seem so appealing to me?. Why do I want to retire early? Am I not happy with my present life? Will I be more happier if I retire early? Is it the retire ‘early’ part or the ‘retire’ part that excites me? Is it that I am lazy and hence do not want to work? Do I wish I was born a millionaire? Is it all about the money ?

If I have all my basic requirements to live, met today, why do I still want more? Why do I want a bigger house? Why do I want a car bigger than what I have now? Why do I want a better job? Why are we always looking for something that we do not have?

If we knew and understood  all the reasons to the whys above, maybe this world would have been a far better place than what is it now. OR Maybe not.  I don’t know.

Maybe all that I can do now for myself, is to pray what Audrey Assad sings about.



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Job Search 1

I have attended only one interview so far in my life. And that was for the company that I worked earlier. Now that I’m back home, I’ve started searching for another job. I had no idea what the market situation right now is or actually speaking ever was. So when I got to hear that there is a walkin in cbe, I decided to attend . Just for the experiance of it. And this is how it was.

The walk in was from 8.30 to 3. I was there by 9 in the morning and gave my resume. There were so many people that I was shocked upon entering that place. And there was total chaos everywhere. The people conducting the interview were not that co-ordinated. Word was out that they were not prepared for the number of people who turned up.I waited and waited. I din even have place to sit for like a couple of hours. And when I finally got a place to sit, I din get up till the end for fear of losing that place.Finally few CV’s were shortlisted and called for the next round. And this happened at 3 in the afternoon.

What I learnt from this experience is this.

1) Finding a job is lot more difficult than I thought it would be.

2) I’m not alone in the situation I am in.

3) Things dont come easy.

4) I’ve got to learn to stand out. Make myself visible in a crowd.

5) Never blame myself for what happened in the past. Learn from it. It’s the future that counts.