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My top ten 2010 moments

So, after giving a quick thought about the gone year, this is the moments that came up without thinking in my mind. So I guess this makes it my top 10.

  1. My wedding
  2. My first vacation with just Arun.
  3. The hug at the airport when Arun left.
  4. Valentine’s day
  5. Roadtrip to chennai and back with Arun.
  6. The chennai weekend with Arun, Sujith, Ruth and Abishek.
  7. Bangalore/Neyveli  outreach trip.
  8. The family music sessions (Arun n me)
  9. Christmas choir at cbe.
  10. Flav’s wedding n stay at her place.

Apart from the top 10, the other things that come to my mind is all the shopping that Arun and I did during the weekends, shopping that I did with vini, the STAC moments etc etc.

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Vasan Eye Care

Today was  my second visit to Vasan Eye Care in coimbatore and I have to agree that I was quite impressed with their hospitality. It seemed even better than how they advertise on the television. From the moment we stepped in, we were welcomed at the door and led to the reception counter. All our needs were taken care of . We were even served carrot juice in a neat glass. The whole time we were there, we were accompanied by some staff or the other. And all our request and questions were well answered and taken care of.

The staff always had a pleasant smile on their face which was a refreshing change from all the other hospitals that I have visited so far.Everything was done quickly and though we had to keep moving constantly, we felt well taken care of.

This is one hospital where you can go leave elders for their check up and pick them up after they are done cause once can rest assured they are in good hands…

The place is neat and well maintained.

For hospitality , i would give them 5 stars… Performance is yet to be rated 🙂