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Raining in Google??

I’ve always been inspired to write at the weirdest of hours.Like for instance, my painter was written in the midst of a very crowded Indian bus on the way to work in the morning hours.Many of my articles have been written in the darkness, deep into the night.So, I’m not really surprised that I am writing this at (what I consider) way too early in the morning, Read on.

Hubby and I were talking last night about the thunders storm warning that have been issued in Alberta.And I think,the following conversation is a result and a continuation of our conversation last night.

Hubby : Is it raining?Can you see? (I should have probably used my brain to think why hubby wanted me to see if it is raining in the middle of his sleep)

(Struggling to open my eyes, I take the laptop and try to unlock it)I can’t unlock the system.I can’t see properly.(I am still way too sleepy at this point to really think anything) .(Making a mental note to self)’Come on, you have to open your eyes, You need to see whats on the computer. Hubby needs to know. You need to know’. (I should have also remembered at this point, that Google is not always the solution to questions )With great difficulty and awesome passion, I finally unlocked my laptop and then…..then WHAT?? (I have no idea why I switched on the laptop to see if it was raining.Heck, I don’t know why hubby wants to know if it is raining in the middle of the night(well… not exactly middle of the night).So, I turn to hubby to ask him why he needs to know if it is raining and behold, he is SLEEPING like a baby.

Seriously, all this was just sleep talking??? so, I decide to go back to sleep, only now, I am way too awake and my tummy decides to growl.I cannot sleep now.So, I pour myself a glass of milk and I write this post.

Hubby darling, if you are reading this post and I am sleeping, it means I finally managed to fall asleep again.Can you do me a favor and fix your own break fast?  🙂 🙂 🙂 .(Now, this ought to wake him up 🙂 )

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Why do we cry? What happens when we cry? Where do the tears come from? I leave all these questions to be answered by the scientific people.But I am so fascinated by the concept of crying. This post is a result of watching the last part of the movie, ‘Steel Magnolias’ . I stumbled upon this movie when I made  a list of ‘Julia Robert’s old movies’ to watch.

I never understand why I cry when I see movies.I usually sob my heart out every time I watch movies like Steel Magnolias and Walk to Remember.Even if I watch the same movie for the 100th time. Now, why do I cry? Don’t I know it is not real? I do. I do. I do know it is not real. But bless my heart, it just wants to cry every time I see movies like that.

Hmmm. As I was writing this, I was a little confused. Is it because of my heart or because of my mind do I cry?But I reminded myself once again. All questions are left for the science people to answer.So, here’s a little conversation that I had with my heart and my mind.

Me : Umm.. Heart. You just cried because Shelby died.I mean she’s not real you know?

Heart : Sniff… It was so sad.Someone left the earth.

Me : Ya. I know. But still… It’s just a story…U know…

Heart : But the mind told me that something bad had really happened.

Mind: Ya.She was so pretty and she just died. She left behind Jack Junior and Jackson.

Me : Ya.I know…But isn’t..

Mind : Did you see how her mother cried Heart?

Heart : I know. How sad her mother must have felt. Sniff… Sniff. I can’t get the scene out of my head.

Me : But.. Come on.. It’s not like…

Heart : Angel. Don’t you always think it is better to feel someone’s sorrow?

Me : I do.. but…

Heart: That is exactly what I did. I felt so bad for Jackson and Jack Junior…

Mind : Don’t forget the mother. She cried too.

Heart : Yea. The mother. I mean I couldn’t keep still without crying.

Me : True. It was a sad scene. But …

Heart : What But Angel? Don’t you want to empathize with someone during their bad times?

Me : I do…

Mind : Then what is you problem Angel? Stop making a big deal over it. You cried. The movie is over. SO get over it.

Heart : It was a wonderful life that Shelby had…Go to the gym Angel. It’s about time.

Mind : Ya. You have to shed the ice cream that you ate while crying over Shelby. Don’t talk. Just go to the gym.

Me: (goes silently to the gym.)

So, there you go. You now know why I cry over movies. You see, I can’t talk with my mind and my heart. They always get the better of  me.

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I refuse to be a good cook. By CHoIcE

This post is the result of an hour’s hard work in the kitchen trying to cook food just like my mother.The outcome? My food still does not tastes like my mom’s food.

My mom is an awesome cook. She does not try lot of new stuff (unlike me,So score for me on that) but what she does cook, she does it amazingly tasty. Right from the potatoes she does to the chicken she cooks, everything tastes awesome.Should I even mention the sambhar she makes?If Barney were to taste this, he would stop calling everything else legendary.That’s how awesome it is.

So every time I make a dish that I know my mom makes, I keep comparing the final taste to hers’ and mine always falls short of my expectation.Now my hubby tells me that every dish I cook is awesome.I will truly believe that if he still says it after 5 years.

Sometimes I keep wishing my mom was not such a good cook.Would take an awful lot of pressure away from me.So, to all the wonderful cooking moms out there…. Think again. Are you sure you want to cook this good? I mean, Think about us…your daughters.. Would you like us to mentally torture ourselves that we don’t cook as good as you do?

So, as a favor to my future kids, I refuse to be a good cook.By CHOICE.

P.S Mom and dad, I know you read my blog. Don’t worry, I’m not making Arun cook. I’m not making him buy food from outside.I am cooking lots of things at home.All this frustration is simply because I made sambhar and it din’t taste like yours.

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The donkey brays

You’ve heard of the phase, ‘the donkey brays.’ . But have you heard  a donkey braying? I did today. I think that I must have heard it before this too, but since my brain is constantly on the look out for topics to blog about, the donkey braying today, caught my attention.

If you have not heard the donkey bray before, then you probably will not understand when your voice is compared to a donkey’s.(It is not a good thing BTW when your voice is compared to a donkey or when the word donkey or anything related to the word donkey is mentioned any time during your singing).So, All I’m going to do here is attempt to explain the sound the donkey makes when it brays.

We put into words the braying as ‘Hee-Haw’ . Now, I’m going to explain the ‘Hee’ part. To pronounce this sound, try saying the word ‘he’ . Stress on the ‘h’ and prolong the ‘e’. Now, to produce the sound, exhale through your mouth as you try pronouncing it. Try to make this as high pitched as possible.(Remember how Ross in F.R.I.E.N.D.S often makes this noise when he tries to explain dinosaurs or when he is stuck for words). Thats the kind of noise you should be aiming for.

To say the ‘Haw’ part, make it quick. This should only take one-fourth of the time you took to pronounce the ‘Hee’ part.Exhale as you say it. Actually, the ‘haw’ part is pretty simple compared to the ‘hee’ part. There you go. You’ve mastered the art of donkey braying. To sound exactly like a donkey, repeat this sound continuously without stopping for say,30 times.

For, better sound effect and feel, run around the block 25 times and then try this exercise. Believe me, this will leave you breathless, but with an amazing sound.