You could be dead the next moment.

I witnessed a crash scene today from my house balcony.Thankfully, no one was hurt.

A car crashed into the sidewalk right opposite to my house. It was God’s grace that no one was there at the time of the incident.Cause, judging by the tire marks on the road, the car must have been in a good speed. I heard the sound of the crash and went immediately to my balcony.Saw few people on the road on their cell phones. I assumed they were calling 911.

It was amazing how the police, ambulance ,etc were at the scene in less than 2 minutes. The sound of siren is something that we constantly hear for we live in the downtown area. I remember, in the beginning of summer, the first few days after we started sleeping with the windows open, I would hardly sleep at nights as the sound of the siren blasting every now and then, used to keep waking me up. But now, it’s part of our lives. After witnessing this crash, I won’t complain anymore.

The whole scene was cleared in 45 mins with the car being towed away, few wires that were pulled off by the crash were taken care of and the yellow ‘do not cross’  tape was removed and everything was back to normal.

I took some pictures (as usual) . Later, as I was going through them, I realized, that anybody who could have been standing at the sidewalk at that moment would have died. If not, at least had a near death experience. And this is a side walk that I walk on, pretty often. It is right in front of my apartment where most of my friends live. And somehow, that thought sent a shiver down my spine.I thank God for making sure nobody was standing there at that moment.

Isn’t this life? Unexpected things happen in the blink of an eye.You can never be sure that you will wake up tomorrow morning. The wind can kill you. The rain can kill you. The earth can kill you.Anything can kill you. But the question is, are you ready? Are you ready with your answer to questions like ‘what will happen after I die?, where will I go after I die?, What if, God was true?.  Are you ready to meet Him?’ .

From where I come from, thinking or talking about death is considered bad luck. I don’t believe it to be. Cause, if it were true, I would have died a million times already 🙂 . But the thought here is, ARE YOU READY FOR THE INEVITABLE?


The Silent smile.The secret look.

A picture can speak a 1000 words. But a look and a smile can speak volumes between two special hearts.I’ve seen this happen and felt it too.

Recently, I became friends with a wonderful young couple.And every time I see them together, it brings a smile on my face. The couple, for every few minutes, would steal a silent glance at each other. And smile. To me, it says hearts in love.The smile that they give each other is not exactly a secret.It is quite obvious for every one to see. And we even make fun of that.But still, they just cannot stay in a room without the constant peeks at each other.It is kinda cute to watch them.Tonight, at a dinner party, someone commented to the wife that she looks pretty with her new hairstyle and her immediate reaction was to look at her husband and smile. And the look on her husband’s face was priceless. (Of course a lot of us caught the scene happening red-handed and you can imagine what all jokes would have flown around)

A candid shot of me and Arun taken during our wedding reception

This incident kind of reminds me of one incident that I am pretty sure I will never forget for the rest of my life.It was during the early days of my marriage and I was totally new to the cooking scene. Me and Arun hosted a dinner for some relatives of Arun’s and few friends of my brother.I had cooked the dinner by myself. Arun came home along with the guests and I served dinner. I remember how restless I felt.I was quite fidgety until Arun looked at me and gave me a reassuring smile. A smile that meant the food was good. A smile that made my heart beat normally again.A smile that made me relax and enjoy the rest of the night. And the special part was, no one saw that smile. It was between me and him.(Don’t I have a great guy as my husband?.Love you baby 🙂 )

I don’t know how it works for guys, but I do know that for a girl, the secret smiles and the secret looks mean much more than any priceless gifts. To me, this smile assures me that I am someone special to Arun. The look reminds me that I’m on his mind all the time. The secret signals speaks conversations between my heart and his.Guess that’s what love does to you. Gives you someone to call your own.

English… Truly InTerNaTiONal.

I’m just home after a dinner engagement with a lovely malaysian old couple. The party consisted of me, mom, dad and the couple who let me just call ‘uncle’ and ‘uncle’s wife’. English was our medium of conversation. I personally found certain parts of our conversation hilarious.

An excerpt from the conversation

Dad     : Would you like to have some coffee?

Uncle : We already had in the evening.

Dad     : Yes. Yes. You get very good coffee here.

Uncle : I only have coffee once a day.

Dad     : So, let me order one for you.

Uncle : Yes.Yes. I already had coffee today.

Dad     : OK. So, I’ll order one for me, mom and you.

Uncle :  (Just stares not understanding what happened)

Me       : (silent giggle) Dad, I think uncle says he does not want .

This is just one of the many such events tonight.All of us were good English speakers. But the only problem I saw was, we were excellent ‘native’ English Speakers. They spoke Malaysian English and we spoke Indian English.Its funny how culture and language differs from place to place.

Talking about culture,another embarrassing incident comes to my mind. The moment we were seated , uncle and uncle’s wife both raised their glasses(which had water) as a toast to us(at least , that’s what I think they were doing). All three of us smiled at them . They kept their glasses raised. By now, the three of us were staring wondering what they are doing.(Sheesh. I feel so embarrassed now). It took me a second to realize that the were raising their glass as a toast to us. Before I could come to my senses and lift my glass, uncle and his wife realized that the toast is just not happening and lowered their glass. (How could I have been so stupid?). As south Indians, the concept of raising your glass as a toast is unheard of. (All the English channel viewing failed me this time 😦 .)

Isn’t it amazing how much you can think about one small incident.?

Have a wonderful week ahead everyone.

There was a time when I stood tall….

There was a time when I felt quite respected by people around me.People felt honored by my presence. My very presence would demand a kind of appreciation. Every time I entered any shop, I was given chocolates (mind you. ChocolateS and not chocolate), goodies etc. I was told by my grandfather that once upon a time, our kind was given clothes and vessels upon entering any shops .

I was told that I was powerful. That I had the power to achieve anything. That I was superior and he who welcomed me and my family were  wise.Talking about my family, brings great pain to my heart. I had a lot of sibblings. Tragedy stuck and slowly my family started disappearing one by one.My little brothers Uno Pice and Due Pice have have become a distant memory.My sisters Dieci Pice ,Venti Pice and Cinque Pice disappeared some years later. It was as if an enemy had taken over our life. My brother Venticinque Pice is harly seen any more. It is just me, Cento Pice and my sister Cinquanta Pice who are still alive, but all the respect and value we once felt, have become just a distant dream.

I know that life for me and Cinquanta will soon come to an end.We will perish just like my sibblings. No one will know us. Perhaps they will remember for us for a few years at the least. We do not know what went wrong or what we did wrong. No one would tell us. So if you are reading this, kindly take a moment to remember us by. The Pice family. Soon about to be extinct. The following are few pictures that I have of my family. There may be nothing that you can do to save us from perishing. But at least remember us. That is all we ask.

My Family

Uno Pice

Due Pice

Cinque Pice

Dieci Pice

Venti Pice

Venticinque Pice

Cinquanta Pice

Cento Pice (that's me)

P.S  “Pice’ is the indian vernacular slang for the term ‘Paise’ which is (was) a currency in India. All names of the family are taken from the Italian translation of the numbers.

what u hear influences who u r

My mom and I share a weird relationship. We tell each other everything that happened in our lives and use the data to fight with each other…. anyway back to what I was trying to say….

My mom is a somone who cannot dream of picking up a quarrel with anybody (except me and its mutual actually). When she knows someone is upset with her for absolutely no fault of hers, she goes out of her way to talk to them and make sure things are ok. I’ve heard story after story about everyday incidences  for years where someone would try to ignore or avoid her for some reason but she had made it alright by goin the extra mile and talking to them. All these years I’ve only been a silent listener to most of her stories. I never realised I was getting influenced by this unknowingly until……

Two days back,I met person X after a very long time.For the brief amount of times we met before,  we’ve gotten along pretty well.Actually I remember enjoying each other’s company very well. X is someone you can instantly connect with.So two days back when I saw X at a distance I was hoping to catch X’s attention to say a quick hi. But somehow our eyes din meet. So when X walked into the room where me and 2 of my friends were sitting I was quite excited to see X. To my surprise X came into the room, spoke to my other 2 friends and turned to leave all the time pretending to have never seen me when X actually in fact did see me( I believe) as early as I arrived.

I was dumbstruck. I could not believe that X  had just did that. But in the next 2 seconds that followed I called our X’s name. X turned and we both spoke to each other.After first few minutes of awkward conversation, our friendship started from where we had left and we both went back to having a gud time again.

I came home and was wondering what had happened for X to react that way the time. My guess is this. X and Y had a squabble some time back and I am kinda related to Y. After the squabble this was the first time I was meeting X . This had to be the reason. Anyway I realised that it was a gud thing that I called out X’s name when I did because had X walked out of that room I believe that we may never have spoken again. I got to thinking why or what made me call out X’s name. In that 2 seconds that I had, I never ran reasons in my mind whether or not I should cal out X’s name. It just came out instantly. Had I let my brain work those 2 seconds I am sure my pride would have prevented me from calling out to X. And this is exactly what my mom had taught me over the years.. She never knew she was teaching me this (or maybe she did)… but I’m so glad she did.

so the point here???…. beware of what you tell your kids… They learn from your experiences and your actions…

A person with a lot of friends will never make a good friend

X is a very popular person ,has the ability to make friends very easily and who also happens to be a very good friend of mine. At least that’s what I thought. We have known each other only for like 5 months now but then we got really close.(Thats what I thought). I thought I could call X as a close friend.One on whom I could depend to be there for me whenever I needed X. But then again.., that was what I thought.

 Some time back,I had to move a little away from X . While I din have trouble making my own friends, I always kept X at a very special spot.While I was not ready to let distance come between us, it din seem like a problem to X. X moved on. X made new friends . X moved on upto the point where every time we are together (which is like very rare these days), X prefers talking to the newly found friends rather than catching up on our friendship. X went up to the point of making promises to me that X did not mean at all . Actually X had to break up the promises made to me because of X’s new friends..That’s X. This is where I realised what kinda friendship X thought we shared. While it is difficult for me to accept how easily I’ve been fooled into thinking X is my good friend, X is moving on happily with life.

 Now don get me wrong that i’m jealous. I’m not. Not even a little bit.I don blame X for what happened. Because that’s who X is.A person who makes friends very easily and forgets them more easily. I just learnt a lesson. A person with a lot of friends will never make or be a close friend.