Meaning of Love

Do you remember when you were three years old, if someone asked you what do you like, you would have said, “I love mommy and daddy” . When you grew up and became six years old, you liked a whole lot of other stuffs. You would have then said, “I love ice creams and chocolate and toys”. A couple of years later, you probably would say, “I love my friends”. If you notice carefully, you will realize that for us, the meaning of love keeps changing day by day as we grow up.

Go ahead and ask people you know like your parents, grandparents, friends and uncles what they think about love. It will be interesting to hear the different kind of answers you will get. I asked a lot of my friends and everyone kept giving me lot of different answers. But one thing was same in all the answers that I heard. That love is something that you feel in your heart and absolutely no one can force you to love something or someone. So again, love means different things to different people.

But do you know that for our Lord Jesus, love meant the same from the beginning of the world till now? He probably loves Adam, me and you the same way. He loved us even before we were born. He loves us even when we are bad and do naughty things. He loves us even if we don’t obey Him. Just like the Bible promises, Jesus will never stop loving us.

If we are to be God’s children, we have to love God and others. How can we do that? We can always start by being kind to our friends. We can help someone in need. We can give some of our pocket money to the poor people we see on the streets. We can spend time with our grandparents. We can obey our parents. By doing all this, we can love other people, just like Jesus does. And by obeying God’s word, we can love God.

But can anyone force you to love people and God? The answer is no. You have to ask God’s help for that. You have to pray asking God to put the same love that God has, into your heart. Let me help you with a model prayer. If you want, you can pray this prayer with me. “Dear Jesus, I know that you are a God of love and that you love me no matter what I do. I thank you for your love. Lord, please help me to love others just like you would love them. Help me to help who ever I can and please you. Give me the strength to obey your word so I can show my love for you. In Jesus name, Amen.”


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