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Take a Change

CaptureI don’t like change. I eat the same ‘Chicken Friend Rice- Basil’ from Thai Express every time I do not bring lunch to work. I drink the same ‘double double’ coffee from Tim Hortons in winter and an iced cap in summer. I take the same transit every day after work even thought I have other options. I shop from the same 4 stores that I am used to. To pretty much sum up my life, I have a routine and I stick to that routine. At all times.

Every time I walk alone, I listen to music. Two days back, I was stressed out in the morning trying to make it to office in time. I plugged in my headphones as I left the house hoping the music will calm me down (as it always does). And then for some strange reason, I decided to keep the phone in my bag and proceed to office, music-less. GASP!

My 40 minutes ride to office that morning was amazing. What happened, you ask? Well, nothing did. Or at least nothing that would make you go WOW. But, it was different to me and that was what I needed that morning. I needed a change.

On that morning commute, I heard people talking. I heard the sound of the train. I heard a little boy (who just got into the train and sat with his mom) ask the stranger sitting in front of them, ‘What kind of a phone is that?’ To which she replied ‘An IPhone’. And I smiled.  I heard another lady talk on the phone about an interview that she was heading to attend. I heard a gentleman walk up to the bus driver and suggest another route to take because a CP train was crossing our road. And the Driver did too, saving 20 minutes for all of us in the bus.

All these incidents are insignificant. I agree. But they were different from my regular. And that sometimes, is good.

Perhaps, you can try it too? If you drive to work every day, take the bus one day. Be prepared for it to take you twice as long to get to work, but enjoy the delay. If you walk the same path every day, try another one today. If you send the same mail everyday as part of your routine, change your words one day. If you have the same cooking routine every week, change it for a week. If you go to bed every day at the same time, change it for a day.

I enjoyed my morning commute to the office without music so much that I tried it again today too. I loved it. So does that mean I am not going to listen to music when I travel in the morning for the next couple of days? Umm. Can’t say. For all you know, I might get back to my music tomorrow.

The point is, change can be good. To appreciate your usual.