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I, Me and Myself.

When looking at group pictures that include me, my eye always goes to my picture first. I check my dress, I check to see if I look nice, I check to see if I look fat etc. Only when I am completely satisfied about my appearance in the picture, do my eyes scan the others in the picture. This is my regular habit and I am not worried about me being self-centered with this habit cause almost everyone I know , does the same.

But what I did not know, was that, this habit does not limit itself to just pictures.Let me explain what happened. A blog friend of mine is doing a series of interviews with her blog buddies and featuring them on her blog. And mine was one. You can catch my interview here. At the end of the interview, were few kind lines that my friend had put in about me. I was excited when I read that. I was touched that I had been an inspiration to her, etc etc. I even wanted to write in telling her how much I appreciated her words 🙂 . But I did not yet.

Today, another interview was posted and to my shock, the same lines were there for the other person also.I quickly browsed through the other interviews(that I have already read before) and found the same lines for everyone..(Busted E.C 🙂 🙂 ). I was quite embarrassed at myself and really glad that I hadn’t mailed that thanking mail to her.(Maybe, procrastination isn’t all that bad 🙂 ). Anyway, the more I thought about it, the more I realized, how much attention I pay to the things that concern me.

I, Me and Myself… Is this everybody’s nightmare?