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An eventful Coffee!!

Once a milk hater, now an ‘early morning cup of coffee’ ¬†lover. That’s me!

How did I become one? Simple. Before wedding, someone else always made breakfast. Be it mom, or the cook at the various hostels I stayed, someone else made my breakfast. So, all I had to do was get ready and have a steamy hot breakfast but post wedding, I have to make my own breakfast. ūüė¶ (The sad smiley at this point is really appropriate.) And to do that, I need to wake up. And coffee helps me do just that.And over the period of months, I’ve began to love it.

That’s where my story starts.I woke up today morning with the same love for coffee. Forcing myself out of bed, I made myself a cup of coffee.I was quite sad that my coffee powder was getting over.(It was my favourite brand of coffee and an Indian one too. So where we stay, we don’t quite get it regularly.I’ve been on the lookout for that brand in the last two shopping trips I went but rather unsuccesfully.) So you see, I had to¬†savor¬†the final cups of this brand.

I took a sip of the coffee and it tasted quite exceptional today.Just the way I like it.Ah!! Bliss. I logged onto facebook, took another sip and placed the cup on the table.And !!@#$%^&* there’s coffee everywhere. On the table, on the papers, on the couch, on the book that I was reading last night and ON THE CARPET.(Not again!!!). I quickly brought in my personal commando (hubby) and did some damage control. But the damage on the carpet was done.

Now is probably a  good time to tell you that I am a queen of dropping/spilling drinks and the like.I had earlier spilt coke on the carpet some time back, very close to the spot that I spilt coffee today.Sigh!.Anyway, I made myself another cup of coffee and made sure I did not spill this one too. And of course, I savored every sip of it.

Few lessons learnt today.

  • Coffee wakes you up. But only if you get enough of it in your system.After just two sips, your body is still sleeping. So beware of what you do.
  • Apparently, coffee stains on a cream shade carpet is much better looking than the coke stain on the carpet which tends to turn black after multiple attempts of washing it off.
  • Always keep some reserve milk, sugar, coffee powder every time you make coffee. If you are down to your last cup, DO NOT DRINK IT. Cause if you spill it, you won’t have back up.
  • Coffee tastes best just when it is about to be spilt and the moments after it is spilt.So watch out¬†every time¬†your coffee tastes amazing.
Why did I blog about this??In hope that my experience today saves someone’s coffee someday!!!