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Why do I write???

As a blogger, I constantly question myself on,’Why do I write?. What do I get out of writing?. Do I waste my time writing about random things which someone may or may not read someday?’ And every time I ask this question to myself, I land with the same answer.. And that is, ‘I write cause I want to write.Period.’

Every one has a way of letting out steam.Letting out the feelings of the heart.Some may do it in silence, some in tears, some in a smile and still some, in a painting. I choose writing. Writing to me is directly connected to my heart. What my heart feels, my hands want to write.

There have been times when my day has been nothing short of completely awful.Times when my day turned out perfectly as planned and  times when I have been overwhelmed with joy.And in all those times, I only find myself wishing that I could pen it down. For as long as I remember, every time I’ve been upset with someone or something, I’ve always taken a piece of paper and written down what I felt.And it has always made me feel better.Like now.