sigh sigh n more sigh

what is this feeling that i cannot name
what is this feeling that i cannot understand
it feels all is lost and all hope is gone
but i know that in your word my rest lies
i wonder why things seem to happen to me
things that i cannot make sense of
things that make me want to disappear
but your word promises that i wil never be put to shame
it feels lonely to deal with my feelings alone
i know you promised to be right beside me
but somehow right now my mind cannot see you
but i thank you for my ways are not yours.
i cant help feeling angry at my self right now
though i don know any reason to be
i feel so so let down by you
after all i did really trust in you.
i know that even through all my hurt your wil was done
i know that it must be hard to watch me hurting inside
i know tha u must love me so much to deny what i wanted
even though it hurt u to hurt me
wil things ever come easy to me once in life
or am i not looking at the things that came real easy
have i forgotten or left unnoticed things u blessed me wiht
cause right now i just cannot think of any such thing

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